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Florsheim Almost Everything 50% OFF 2 Days Only (20and 21 Nov) and FREE SHIPPING


received this email from them. 50% off everything. free shipping. 2 days only. Hurry! Dont wait!!

ends monday midnight
online only(apparently)
50% off everything excluding ZiZi ( i dont know what it is, anyway…)

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Florsheim Shoes
Florsheim Shoes

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  • I do like my stacy adams shoes.. (guarde i believe).

    Almost everything? how do we know whats on sale and whats not?

    EDIT: im getting "Promo ALL50 is not currently available." does that mean its not available for the specific shoe, or does has it not started yet (the sale?)

    0/3, I'm guessing it's not active…

    • Agree. Code not valid???

      • got the same problem. OP posts the email?

        • +3

          @Willy Orwontee,
          do you know what day is today?

    • EDIT: Ended up getting myself a second pair of stacy adams guarde shoes for $50 =D. They are an amazing shoe for the price (fairly basic, but super comfortable, good for clubbing imo), I think I paid rrp (or slightly less, can't remember), when I got my first pair (due to lack of time to shop around online).

  • When does the sale start, some potentially good deals there.

  • I picked up 2 pairs last time this sale was on. Great shoes. Had to pay delivery though last time!

    • yea, I did myself..until I realised westfield online had the same promotion and even more varieties and also free postage!

  • +1

    sorry guys, the sale starts tomorrow and will be valid on 20th and 21st November.

    • will it be possible to return shoes to store to get the right size? cheers

      • well, i am not their rep so i am not sure. but i suppose you can. my shoes ordered from them when they had half price discount on sales item only last time was actually sent out from their shop in Macquarie shopping centre (10 mins driving from my place). i dont see any reason you can not swap shoes given wrong size.

      • http://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/contactUs.html#returns

        "Online purchases are not able to be returned or exchanged in our retail stores"

      • -1

        From the website T&C's:


        Florsheim Online is confident that you will be happy with your purchase. If for any reason this is not the case, you are able to return your purchase within 30 days of the order date.

        The shoes must not show any visible signs of wear and should be returned in the original packaging.

        Online purchases are not able to be returned or exchanged in our retail stores.

        • +1

          thanks for rectifying me:)

  • I would love to get these for $50 http://www.florsheim.com.au/shop/style/12025115.html but i'm fearful that they may not fit and given they don't have a decent size chart which gives a way/procedure to measure the foot (like rivers) i'm not too sure my exact size. If the size is wrong the only thing i can do is send them back registered post $$$$$.

    • for $50, it is really a good deal.

  • Their shoes are very good - but I do notice their sizing varies depending on the style, for eg on some shoes they have euro sizes 44 etc and on some are straight sizes 10 etc. I normally take a 10 in Florsheim (which is usually 44 euro) but on their comparative chart it says 44.5. I'll probably take the risk and get a 44.

    • Would you know how the sizing compares to Windsor Smith? cheers

  • why not go to the real store and try your sizes up then say thanks and go home buy online..

    • Good idea but i'm at Ipswich and nearest store is Brisbane, i don't go to Brisbane and to make a trip just for this is out of the question.

  • i had a look at the shoe prices online, it seems alot more expensive than it is in store when i was there last week… not sure if anyone else notices that.

    • Usualy Myer etal have them for 30% off from time to time. This is the standard RRP though in the florshiem stores as well.

  • +2

    confirmed this deal is ON, and free shipping also, even though parts of their website say 'free shipping for orders over 200'

  • 2 pairs for 110. Can't really knock that. hope they fit.

  • Great deal and price. Wish they'd bring back some of the older stylings though :)

  • I'm going to give them a call on Monday with my foot measurements and explain i can only buy online due to location in the hopes that they can give me an accurate shoe size for my foot.

  • Just pulled the trigger, deal is good. Website is going down periodically with a HTTP 503.

  • Thanks OP
    Got a pair of Grishams in size 13 which are hard to find.

  • shame anything with a red price label is excluded as they are already discounted
    my preferred products were there

    items already have as little as 5% or 10% off prevents you to get 50% off either full or discounted price

    Be sure to just ignore the red prices when filling your carts

  • Some of the Causal shoes (like the phoenix design) didn't work with the code. Got some Grishams though, which should be good

  • My login from last time isn't working

  • I can confirms it works perfectly. Bought a size larger as last time the Guess $50 shoe sale the sizes were a bit tight.

    Website is chugging at the moment…

  • Yeah me too, decided to take the plunge, hope that their sizing is accurate.

  • why this one is not 50% off? The only one I like


    • sorry
      but it is

      Subtotal: $149.95
      Discount (Receive 50% off all full price styles.): 74.97

      you gotta enter the code and click update on the check out page

  • Dissapointed. I had a pair of shoes ready to go but because they were already slightly discounted I couldn't use the promo code. I'd happily pay 50% of the full price for them (ignoring the other discount).

  • Great deal, thanks OP.

    Bought 2 pairs of comfortechs.

  • Is delivery standard (eParcel) or express?

  • +1

    Awesome deal! In-store specials at the moment are good but nowhere near 50% Sizing - I went to the store to try them on and for the newer style longer shoes it was different. I am normally 43, including my last pair of Florsheim formal boot-style shoes, but this time I am size 42. Sales assistant was so helpful I felt a little guilty for not buying from store.

  • good deal

  • Got mine delivered this morning

  • Well i got my Stacy Adams delivered today, holding them up to my foot they look about 2 inches too big! But surprisingly they feel like a nice fit

  • Got my Phoenix shoes today, but they have a really strong musty smell that I could detect even before opening the post bag. Anyone else have this problem?
    The other two pairs I bought from the previous clearance deal were fine.

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