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[PC] Free - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered & Blair Witch @ Epic Games


Upcoming freebies from Epic games. As usual, available from 2am AEST.

Credit to Dealabs

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    If I have any problems obtaining this deal who am I gonna call?

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    wooo i want to play this

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    "We eat gods for breakfast!" Dr Egon Spengler
    "It wasn't me this time I swear" Dr Raymond Stantz
    "Just like a puppy…every day's the first day." Dr Peter Venkman
    "Help me!" Winston Zeddemore

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      "Is this true?" Mayor
      "Yes its true, this man has no dick" venkman

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    Posting a deal based on something hidden in the source code? It's a bold strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off…..

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      That Lysander bloke will 100% have a whinge

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      The recent upcoming Epic games have been found before they go live. I've provided the source code for the deals that I've posted.

      That said, things can always change at the last minute. ARK: Survival Evolved being replaced by Overcooked due to BLM is a good example.

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      It paid off!

      • Ghostbusters was confirmed at 9.12pm last night. Blair Witch at 12.23am.

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      That and 'Mom's Spaghetti' are my favourite reworks of songs in the past decade.

      • The Lenny Kravitz one always comes on during parties for me

    • Oh lord - that set my teeth on edge

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    I was thinking just the other day that I felt like playing this game again. I had the original 2009 version on PC and I believe the remaster is barely any different but that doesn't bother me if it is free.

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    If it's like the C64 version.. Don't cross the streams…

    • +3

      I really loved that game

    • I've got a tshirt with screen from that game. Classic.

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    Is this game coop or multiplayer?

    • I would also like to know this

  • Crap yes!!!!!!!! Nearly bought it last week.

  • Free doesn't make this good game great, but it does make it a good game for a great price.

    With original film voice actors and a story separate from the movies, it's well worth a play through for fans of the films.

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    FFS. I JUST bought this on switch.

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      How much?

    • You may find your game appreciates in value depending on what price you paid. I wouldn't think many copies were made.

      • +1

        not if its digital

        • True. I somehow interpreted from his post that it was bought physically.

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      Same! But I'll most likely play it on the switch than my pc

  • phewww I about to purchase this last week.

    • If you did you would have received a refund automatically.

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    Literally just bought this for the switch for 30 bucks a week ago, (profanity) me dead.

    Ah well least I have it on switch I guess, yaaaaaaaaaay?

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    Everyone else collect the free ones and never play them? I tried one or 2, yet to get one I have sunk hours into.

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      Did you get "Inside"? I found that very compelling and played it through to the end (wasn't the longest game ever but it kept me hooked).

      But yes other than that I'm pretty much in the same boat :)

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      Subnautica was the first free epic game I played a lot. Highly recommend that one.

  • I played the original on PS3 a couple of years ago. I remember it being a really fun game! Almost felt like the third movie that nearly was…

  • Ah a fellow VS Code user!

    Thanks for the deal dealbot

  • Damn it, now I need to download the Epic launcher

  • I missed on GTA V give away last time. Any chance they would do that again?

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      They have repeated games a few times but it's doubtful they would repeat that one

      • They repeat very cheap indies. That’s about it.

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    The three games I've bought on epic store:

    World War Z
    Ghostbusters Remastered
    THPS 1+2

    I guess Tony Hawks will go free next year 😬

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      This made me laugh :'). If anyone ever finds a way to accidentally add Fortnite to their cart, & pay money for it…you might be that guy!

  • can someone remind me in 8 days? lol

    • Click reminder under the deal

  • For a second, I thought it was going to be the Atari version remastered!

  • How come it's going to be free? What's the catch?

    Edit: I see now that it's a "remastered" old game, so maybe it's free because it's a rehash and got some bad reviews as they didn't seem to add anything much to it except maybe looks.

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      Epic Games launched their own digital game distribution platform called the Epic Store as a competitor to Steam. Epic Games needed publishers to sell their games on the Epic Store but since Steam was already well established, Epic Games needed an incentive to bring publishers on board. Steam historically took a 30% cut of each game sold (up until recently where a policy change resulted in a lower cut being charged after a certain number of games are sold). Epic Store's cut was only 12% from the very first copy sold which allowed publishers to have more money back in their pockets. I personally commend Epic for this stance as I don't believe Valve (the company that makes Steam) should profit so heavily on the hard work of others without lifting a finger. The point of contention with people and the Epic Store is that Epic Games has also been paying publishers large sums of money to have their games become exclusive (or at least timed exclusive) to the Epic Store. People don't like this behaviour but I am indifferent.

      On the consumer side of things, Epic wanted to bring in hordes of customers and have a large player base. They have made oodles of money over the last few years selling Fortnite skins to minors so they are now using this money to give away free games to customers. This entices people to create Epic Store accounts to collect all of the free games and in turn, they may stay and buy other games in future.

      • +1

        Thank you, a very detailed explanation. I haven't played games since the days.of Driver: San Francisco.

    • Epic has been doing free weekly giveaways since late 2018. They have even given away some AAA titles like Batman Arkham Trilogy, GTA 5, etc…

  • As long as its not the new Ghostbuster shudder

  • does blair witch support VR?

  • Is anyone else having issues trying to redeem games from the launcher after the latest update?
    I keep clicking on the "get" button and nothing happens.

  • Cheers!

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