Basic Car Maintenance Newbie Question (Which Brand Oils You Use)

I need to buy Engine, Brake, Steering,Gear oil and win screen washing liquid.

There are so many options at SuperCheap Auto.

  • Just wondering which brand do people use?
  • When need to use the funnel, is it ok to use same funnel or need to really have separate one for each type of oil where relevant.


  • I personally use Castrol, either you can use your manufacturer recommended oil or what ever is on sale as long as it is of good quality.

    Honestly you can get away with using one funnel provided you THOROUGHLY clean the funnel and make sure there is no residue, although I would recommend getting a funnel for each fluid and only use them for its fluid.

    • Castrol make the best ads. You'd assume only the best oil maker could afford to make the most memorable ads and jingles.

  • If you don’t know which oil to buy I suspect you are probably too much of a novice to replace steering fluid. What car?

    The parts shop should be able to give advice on which type is suitable. Then pick any brand of suitable type - unless race car. If it meets the type it will do the job. Some brands are a bit better than others, but essentially do the same thing. If you are running a high performance car, you should already know this stuff.

    Windscreen washer fluid? Water.

  • I use Penrite, an Australian owned brand. Really you can't go wrong sticking with any of the major brands. Just make sure you grab the right grade and if you have a modern car under warranty that you comply with any required standard as well.

    Single funnel is OK, wipe it out with paper towel between different oils if you want but funnels are cheap and you might find different sizes/shapes work better in some areas so it won't hurt to have multiple. Most important thing is that it's clean.

    • are we allowed to do our own oil change if the car is still under warranty?

      • You can do anything you want, it's your car, but if anything goes wrong you'll need to prove it was done correctly and with the correct parts/consumables just as they need to prove it's due to your actions. eg if you change the engine oil and the engine seizes up you're in for an argument even if you used the right stuff but if you change the engine oil and the seat heater stops working then it's clearly unrelated.

  • As for the windscreen washer additive I use Rain-X. You can buy it from Supercheap. I buy this stuff and you add 30ml per litre of water.

    But most people just use straight water.

  • you can also google Brand & lube guide. It will come with manufacturer lubrication specs recommended for your vehicle. Keep a note how much your engine oil your engine and gearbox takes. You'll need that to make sure you buy enough when at the shops.

    Brands? Just buy fully synthetic oil on special.Valvoline has some $20 cashback deals going on that you might want to look at :)

  • Not so important which brand, but grade and frequency of maintenance cycle. All pretty good.

    Engine oil, been using for decade on my modified WRX and now every car I own, yes it has a pic of a truck on it. can get it $110 for 20L

    Brake, use manufacture recommended, but Castrol is fine I found.

    Gear oil my engine builder actually recommended Nulon, was surprised worked well in my old 5MT, Says their range is good, Australian company.

  • Valvoline, you know what I mean

  • The grade of oil is the most important, followed by the brand.

    i use Penrite full syn 5w-30 for my Honda Jazz. Jazz can't tolerate 10W-30 in colder climates, and I find the engine quieter with Penrite or Shell full syn oil (stock up when they are on discount, approx $6 - $7 per litre). I do the engine oil change every 9k to 11k kms, depending on my availability. That's roughly once every 10 - 14 months.

    Shell's 5W-30 is too thin for my other 2006 Honda Accord (2.4L engine). Penrite 10W-40 works much better..

  • Mobil1, Penrite, Castrol, Valvoline, Nulon, Shell. Whatever is on special among those.

    I use the same funnel and give it a quick wipe with a clean cloth.

  • Any full-synthetic engine oil is fine. Has been mostly Nulon and Castrol. Any reputable brand is fine for the other fluids too.

    Just remember to put in the grade of oil specified by the manufacturer, regardless of how many kms the car has done…

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    Grade is important but more importantly is whether the oil has the right OEM approvals and clearly states that it meets the specifications for 'x' .

    The best brand of oil would be MOBIL 1 and is evident from it's price and rarely discounted.

    The easiest way is to have a look at the service manual and it would provide an indication of which oil the vehicle was tested and prefilled with.

    Examples: VW (I think bmw) and mustangs - shell, volvo cars and kia - castrol. Porsche,Mercedes amg and nissans - Mobil. Peugeot - Total. Isuzu, honda and holden - chevron/caltex, toyota - caltex/mobil.

    Having the right oil will help achieve the fuel efficiency and emmissions as stated on the sticker on the windshield and easier with warranties

    Dont think penrite does oem or prefills cars or produces for oems

    Source - mate that worked in the servicing industry across multiple dealerships

    Screen washing liquid - any , however ozb would prefer barsbugs when on sale

    • The best brand of oil would be MOBIL 1 and is evident from it's price and rarely discounted.

      What a load of bollocks. Thinking it’s the best brand because of price and lack of discounting? You’ve been drinking the cool aid.

      There is no one best brand. There are several leading manufacturers, especially if you are talking about everyday vehicles and not ultra high performance race cars.

  • Thanks. In terms of grade, so what options are there and what is best grade to get? Mine is everyday car Mazda 3 and Honda Civic.

    • What's the model year ? And which engine variant? It's easier to check the service manual

      My mother in law's Honda civic (newer model) is generally the honda ultra leo 0w-20 and we just buy it off honda parts.(some dealerships have ebay shops to get a price gauge) - given we only buy it once a year the price was ok despite not being on sale. Caltex has the oil but not in the 5L.

      Mazda - get the castrol product when on sale from super cheap/repco/autobarn etc

    • Get the grade your service book tells you to get.

  • any brand, but make sure its full synthetic.