iPhone 12 Is Better and Cheaper than iPhone 11 Pro?

Just did comparison on Apple website and it seems like apart from a slightly weaker camera (2 lens instead of 3) the new iPhone 12 is better in most regards than the last year's iphone 11 pro
Plus is a whopping $500 cheaper
no wonder iPhone 11pro and pro max models are no longer sold
But then I do wonder if iPhone 11 pro will go on discount at some point to rid the market of remaining stock?!
what am I missing?


  • You're not missing anything. The non-Pro received a significant upgrade this year.

    The 11 Pro will definitely received huge discounts eventually but I doubt they'll be significantly cheaper than the new 12 non-Pro.

  • You can't charge the 12… Maybe you should get the 11 pro

    • …without an additional wall adapter.

      Had to finish that for you as the apple fanatics got a bit precious.

      In all likelihood, many android manufacturers will probably follow suit.

  • The non pro might bend a bit more being made from aluminium instead of stainless steel

  • Looking at Apple's past will tell you that discontinued iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, will unlikely to go down further as it had reached its lowest price after a new release. So don't expect resellers to lower the price further to "get rid of the remaining stock" since this is hardly the issue which Apple products will experience.

    As for the difference, you'll be missing out on a faster CPU (A13 VS A14), slightly better camera, (not so) new designs, MagSafe compatibility, Telephoto lens, and 5G. I made have missed one or two. In my opinion, go for the iPhone 12 given the diminishing returns you'll get for the Pro. $500 more is not worth it.

  • There's no way iPhone 11 pro will be $500++ cheaper in the next 3 months. Just get iPhone 12, you'll get better value