Boost Mobile Nil Customer Service For SIM Replacement - Any Suggestions?

So, I lost my phone. Got a new phone from insurance and wanted to keep my number and the credit I had with Boost (a 365 day plan, only halfway through). Shouldn't be too hard to get a replacement SIM I thought.


I called them.
Turns out that due to COVID they don't do replacement SIMs over the phone, but the automated message assured me that their chat team deal with that, then hung up on me.

Went to chat at 7.30pm
8.30pm - still no response. Gave up and sent them an email to their complaints dept which assured me they would respond in 2 days.

Went to chat the next night at 6.30pm.
8.30pm - still no response.

Today? Still no response to the email. Clearly no use in trying the chat again given the absolute failure it is.

So I have a phone with no SIM.
Need to access the phone number to activate the new phone (iPhone).
And no way to speak to them.
And no response to email.
And unused credit (otherwise I'd just port the number out to a new provider).

What on earth can I do?????

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  • I found chatting on facebook or telstra app pretty responsive when I needed help.

    Good luck!

  • Can you port your number over to a different provider? I know you still have credit but personally I'd rather get it sorted.

    I don't remember if they send a verification SMS or not

  • Go to accc and write a formal complaint letter and send it via email, usually gets fastest response or call ombudsmen to lodge a formal complaint.

  • You need to go to the TIO.

    Nothing else works.

    ACCC ignores everyone, no point doing anything with them.