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[Switch] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe $53.30 (33% off) @ Nintendo Switch eShop


I'm posting my first deal using my phone at 5:5
1 am, so please be gentle!
Bought a Nintendo Switch recently and have been waiting for a real price drop on the classic Mario series. (missed amazon prime day deals 😔).

This seems to be a decent price for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe from Nintendo eshop. Original price $79.95. Amazon has it for $65.46 at the moment. If you dont mind the digital format, go and grab it from Nintendo eshop before 1st of November 2020!


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  • also worth noting mario party is at this price

  • Thanks OP i was expecting this when bought mario 3d games

  • Isn't it worth the extra $10 to have the option to sell a physical copy second hand later?

    • I guess it's a personal preference. For 1st party Nintendo titles I agree with you as they hold their value.

      Some people would prefer the portability of eShop purchases.

      • If the price is the same or close, I go digital for games I know I want to keep, physical for those that I will sell later.

    • Yes, 100 times yes. At this price, I really don't see why you would buy digital unless money isn't an issue for you.

      • I never sell my games, though I'd love to stick with physical and have shelves filled my better half lets me know that space is an issue, hence digital.

  • For that price I would rather get a physical copy.

    • I like digital, you dont have to keep change the card.
      Play what ever you want without move anything

    • Am arguing with myself whether I should get this for portability after recently getting a physical copy.

      I think this might be worth getting digital as it should be one of the cornerstone games for every Switch owner.

    • I was firmly in the physical copy camp for ages. Bought 6 physical games when I bought a switch. My one regret is wishing I had digital instead, it's so much more convenient.

      • I tend to play the one game until I've finished it or had enough of it so changing cards is not an issue for me. So I am physical all the way.

        • Depends on the type of game you play I suppose. Perhaps a hybrid:
          -Recurring games - buy digital
          -Single playthrough - buy once

          For example, I play Super Mario Maker 2 all the time, I wish I bought digital for that one as I cant be bothered to change it out

      • Agree. Most of my games are physical for the reasons people keep saying on OzBargain and changing carts is way more annoying than it ought to be. It's that little door you gotta lever off.

        Now the only thing keeping me from buying digital is that I only want to charge my account with Nintendo gift cards that I got for below face value and those sales are rare.

    • I go digital for a few games that I or the family keep going back to day after day (eg. Smash Bros, Splatoon, Rocket League, Mario Kart), and buy carts for things that you tend to play through intensively for a time and then finish/have a break (Mario Odyssey, Yoshi, Luigi's Mansion, Rayman, Zelda games)

  • Great game, one of the best Mario platformers.

  • Mario Maker 2 so much better !!

    • Yeah can’t go wrong with super Mario maker 2

    • Hmmm. I have found it hard to find really great levels in Mario Maker 2. After owning it from launch and playing it regularly, I never really found levels as good as the Nintendo made levels in the story mode. Thankfully it had a good resale value and I sold it, happy with the value I got from it.

      • Can you make identical level of deluxe U with map making fuction in MM2? Thinking about buying one

    • Really didn’t like Mario Maker 2, it’s so schizophrenic. The game and level design and difficulty curve of new Super Mario is so much better. Then again it’s a true classic Mario game that’s over 8 years old now.

  • Physical will always be better for resell, but for the sake of convenience, you can't go wrong with digital.

  • Is anyone else bored with 2d Mario these days?

    • I got Maker 2 during the prime sales and I'm loving it.

    • Yep, I picked this up last time it was on sale with Amazon and I honestly can't even finish it due to how bored I am with it - I think I'm just done with 2D Mario in general. There have been too many games that are all just copies of each other.

  • Pretty average game tbh

  • Hi, would it be worth signing up now to buy this for a Switch we’re not opening until Xmas? Do they usually have good deals on Boxing Day?
    Thanks :)

    • You have 2 potential major sales points coming up - Black Friday and Boxing Day. Depending on how the market is there’s also chatter of a click frenzy type event before Christmas. However, how low it would go is anybody’s guess.

    • Just to note - you'd need to register the switch to buy this or any other online games.

      I bought one recently as a gift for my son's bday and had to open it to register so we could buy some of the games too. Will be re-packing it once registered.

      His most expensive gift so far and atleast for another two/three years! :)

      • Thanks, I was thinking I’d be able to sign up for an account and buy the game. I guess I’ll have to decide if worth opening the Switch or not.

        • All good. Yes I opened the account thinking the same, but once you add the title to the cart, it asks for a connected device (or presents an error that there's no connected device with that account).

          Good luck and yes entirely your decision. No right or wrong there. Deals come and go!

  • Noob here. Looks like I can buy this online, I didn’t think this was possible. Can someone clarify? I would prefer to not open the xmas present switch.

    • From memory I had to open it and set up switch initially to buy and download. After that you can pack away.

    • Unfortunately you have to buy them from a switch, Nintendo does not allow you to buy games directly on the web for some strange reason.

      If you have a friend with a switch ask them to create an account for you and buy the game.

  • Super Barilaro?