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250 or 500 QFF Points for Installing Points-Prompter Browser Extension


Received an email for installing Points-Prompter browser extension. I'm guessing same principle as Cashrewards/Shopback i.e. affiliate links however, instead of cashback you receive QFF points. This deal just gets you the 500 bonus points for installing the extension and signing into the QFF program when prompted. I plan to remove the extension once I get my points ;)

Link for the points prompter page: https://shopping.qantas.com/points-prompter

Edit: seems targeted with others reporting 250 points. Updated deal title

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    No email here, and there's nothing on the page about 500 points, so I think this is targetted.

    • You can actually look for the extensions in google , it should show up

      • That doesn't mean I'll get bonus points

        • yes, you are correct. Definitely targeted at this stage

  • I did this early morning today actually :)

  • No offer of 500 points for me - must be targeted.

  • target, I got 250 points

    • Yup , 250 for me too.

  • I haven’t received the offer while my wife did. So yeah it is targeted

  • I was only offered 250

  • Looks like targeted. I've updated the deal title

  • Got the email - but no points on offer at all. Needless to say it got deleted.

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    Points will be credited on 21 Jan 2021. Three months of my browsing data is worth more than 500 points so I will not be taking up the offer.

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      I'm assuming we don't need to keep the add-on active. I've already removed it after installing it and signing into QFF through it.

      • did the same, points credited nov 2

    • I didn't even get the offer, I guess that makes the choice easy for me.

  • Presuming it's for new-users only. I have this browser plugin installed already and use it all the time and have not received the email. Seem to remember getting the same/similar email a year or so ago. So maybe it's targeted offer only.

    Also… those saying they will install it to get the points and then remove when points credit… why? Surely if you're interested in accumulating QFF points… then you would presumably also have an interest in being alerted to sites where you can earn more points? I find it very useful in highlighting to me when I'm on a site where that offers QFF points.

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      well yea, points are good… but cash (via CR/SB) is better

  • Received the points. Extension has been disabled ever since deal posting date