Interesting Observations on Australia Post Deliveries of Late

I participated in Amazons' Prime Day sale, buying a number of items shipped locally.

These came via 3 deliveries all arrived in 1-2 days after order.

At the same time, I ordered from eBay and other stores products on sale.

Some of these arrived 5 days later and some havent yet arrived, still on their way, with two being rescheduled due to "your parcel has hit congestion in our delivery network". (Sitting at Chullora NSW)

Talking with other family members it seems to be the same with Amazon shipments arriving very fast, non Amazon shipments being slower.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

Does Amazon, have more clout with Auspost than local businesses? It seems to be.

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  • Yes Amazon must have some kind of deal - I've seen this too.

    They also have 'authority to leave parcel' across the board.

  • Amazon has a contractual agreement with AusPost
    they also have them with Fastway and their own couriers

    All of my Prime deliveries came delivered by Amazon Staff Couriers (literally a guy in a commodore)

    AusPost has targeted delivery timeframes as part of their agreement with Amazon, this is the case with all couriers used by Amazon world wide.
    Now, AusPost have had these conditions laxed somewhat which is why amazon themselves are indicating there are delivery delays when you shop on their site.

    Amazon parcels are a priority package. I used to think this was a load of BS when i heard it, just prior to COVID i was at a dinner and my friends wife was there and she is an exec at Aus Post (no Cartier watch though) and she explained the agreement (within NDA rules) but essentially said they are monitored by Amazon and have to meet % on time deliver. Amazon actually pays a bonus for meeting their targets. This is the same reason that Fastway are actually decent for Amazon parcels VS in general. They want their bonus cheque

    • That makes so much sense :P
      Hmmm now I am tempted to get Amazon prime

    • I hope Amazon cancels the Aramex /Fastway contract. The local franchisee is simply lazy/AF. Not one of my parcels has ever been delivered at the door and has always gone to a drop off point 2 suburbs away. I think the pattern shows they just dump the parcels on the way home.

      • I have had an ok run with Fastway.. Saying that they leave them in the oddest places (like in bushes near my carport and stuff)

        90% of what i get from Amazon comes Auspost or Amazon direct couriers (Melbourne here, so they use local drivers… like uber but Amazon Employees)
        The only time i have ever had a fastway delivery is when its Amazon US via AU store etc

        But agree, Fastway being franchise couriers sucks the drivers get paid by the delivery so depot drop counts as "delivered"
        Same with Couriers Please… Staffed Courier Companies are always better 100% (Star Track, Toll, TNT etc)

  • There is probably a service level agreement in place between amazon and auspost.

  • Lately I'm finding that Couriers Please are delivering for Amazon locally.

  • Amazon AU now has their own delivery service called 'Amazon Flex.

    It basically like those Food Delivery Service, but with Amazon Packages if you live close enough to their Warehouse (A random person delivering your order).

    • yeah i mentioned in my comment above, All My Prime Day Parcels came this way

    • There is a gang/syndicate intercepting bids for delivery and selling them to people out of the area.
      Basically man in the middle intercepts and forwarding the actual deliveries to others for a cut.
      Its happened in the US and only did they clamp down on it here in AU.

  • I think Amazon pre-ship stuff in advance sometimes. Amazon delivered toilet paper on sale once to me like 10 hours after I clicked buy at midnight. They haven't been that good recently, but sometimes it feels like something I buy was already in a nearby warehouse or something, as if Amazon knows that x amount of people in my city will buy buying it at that price. Or they do it the other way around and send the toilet paper out to warehouses all over the country and then price them low to sell them as quick as they arrived to the warehouses.

  • I'll agree that I've certainly had no trouble with recent Amazon deliveries. They've turned up with 2 or 3 days of ordering, no muss, no fuss.

    Can't speak for other suppliers, but no problem with these one.

  • All my Amazon deliveries come on time (usually 1-2 days after placing order).

    My last delivery was by a guy driving a white Lexus - go figure.

    Australia Post has been shocking lately. I ordered a packet of screws from a Melbourne eBay seller. This is what happened:

    (click on Tracking history).

    Took 12 days to deliver (Melbourne to Melbourne).

    Almost all my online purchases are from Amazon now. I feel for all the Aussie eBay sellers out there….

  • Amazon no longer use Aus Post/Fastaway for local deliveries. They now use Amazon Flex. They have their own drivers that operate like an Uber. All my deliveries in last 2 weeks have been some random dude in his own car with boardies and t-shirt.

  • At least you received your parcel. Mine says delivered but I never got it.

  • I'm in country like 250km from CBD/airport and all my deliveries from Amazon prime have been quick and easy but delivered here by local Australia post Van 😆

  • My Amazon parcels are delivered very quickly by random people in private vehicles.

    My Ebay purchases take weeks through AusPost. Very frustrating.

  • im just on the edge of regional vic but i havent had much trouble with auspost i still had melbourne-melbourne stuff delivered in 1 day with parcel post and i even got a parcel out to QLD overnight with express post havent noticed much difference with interstate amazon stuff it seems to be just as fast as anything else, though amazon stuff from US seems to get delivered pretty quick once it actually arrives here in aus.