Advice on Buying a New Toyota $30-38k

Hi all my first post here,

I have decided to sell my 2010 Corolla and I am now in search for a new vehicle.

I am honestly open to any brand suggestions but my dad insists on a Toyota because of its reliability and we have always driven one.
For better or worse I will be sticking to Toyota since he will be financing most of it for me.

Things that matter most to us:

  • Reliable
  • Good looking
  • Decent fuel consumption
  • Leather seats
  • Apple carplay
  • Demos are fine

In the beginning, we were looking at a C-HR, (Koba in particular) because we were after something elevated I guess aha. Well upon inspection, the car is pretty solid, good fuel consumption and looks good (imo).
But the space inside is horrendously small and a 1.2L engine, even my Corolla feels more comfortable. So we shed a tear and moved on cuz pricey for something with that many compromises.

Also we did look at RAV4, and it does seem appealing and ticks a lot of boxes for us. A bit pricier than our budget however. Do provide some advice on this. GX model is great and would really consider but it does not have leather seats so if you could suggest some nice leather seat covers around Perth, I'm game.

Hybrid is not a necessity, my dad already has a Hybrid Camry and it wont benefit us too much at this point.

Another car we have considered now is the Camry SX which is priced at $39,337 and it has everything I'm looking for. The Ascent Sport would also suit us (again if we can find some nice leather covers).

Anyways guys I am looking for some advice with this little dilemma.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Little bit over budget but have you considered the Supra?

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    Mate, you're a Toyota buyer. Walk into a dealership and just get the Toyota Camry you can afford. Forget about SUVs, because they're horrible to drive if you've just come from a hatchback as nimble as a corolla. You can't do the old roundabout turn without braking with a RAV4. You feel like throwing up while the car understeers. SUVs also have a larger turning circle and the body roll is ever present in Toyotas.

    • We have a 2016 Toyota sedan and a 2012 Toyota suv…. the suv is much nicer to drive.
      Basing my opinion on owning them….. ;-)

      • Do you mind elaborating on what you find better in SUVs over sedans?

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          Maybe when saying drive they actually mean sit in it :)

        • what people who aren't interested in cars like about SUV is the high driving position, and ease of use because of the higher ride height. basically it's much easier to drive around in an SUV because curbs don't matter and you have much better wider viewing angles.

          • @asafasr:

            SUV because curbs don't matte

            God help us. You can still get fined for mounting the curb for being a shit entitled driver in a mommy tank.

            • @Orico: never said I agreed with it. You said it yourself, its a mommy tank and that's the appeal to most people who have no interest in driving.

      • the suv is much nicer to drive.

        right…..You must enjoy understeer, weak acceleration, heavy rear and massive body roll.

        • Or maybe more complaint suspension, a more comfortable driving position and a better view.

          Don't you like three wheeling around roundabout's at 40kmph? Do you enjoy having to play speeding ticket lotto to hit red line? You might save a minute sticking to the speed limit though the twisties, but are you smiling? How is all that sitting behind slow cars because you are so much faster?

          I also don't get how a car that over steers can have a heavy rear, so please teach me, you driving god!!!

          • @This Guy: Settle down, Toyota Kluger.

            Or maybe more complaint suspension, a more comfortable driving position and a better view.

            Yeah, nah.
            My air suspension is fine
            A more comfortable driving position is one where you're close to the road like a formula 1 car.
            Go climb the centre point tower.

            • @Orico: I might be wrong, but I don't think $30,000 to $38,000 is enough for a deposit for a t50 :p

              Stupidly low is called stupidly low because anyone with back or leg problems has issues with ingress and egress. It can be the world's most comfortable seat, but if 20% of the target demographic can't use it then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

              bUt ThEy CaN jUsT bUy A rAv4!!!

              My Karen voice of you is making my points for me. Yay?

  • It really comes down to what car shape you want. Your choices are a Corolla, Camry or Rav 4. For your budget you can get the Corolla or Camry in hybrid or non hybrid.

    3 very different shapes - what do you like? You can afford a top of the range Corolla, a middle range Camry or a bottom of the range Rav 4 (which is still a great car).

    • Since I already own a Corolla, I want to try something else. Ik it is really similar, I'm leaning towards the Camry SX imho. How much do you think I can realistically haggle down for that?

  • Hybrid Camry or Rav 4.

  • Yaris Cross SUV

    • 1.5 year wait at least for it.

      • Yeah, I'm not buying that there is a wait list for this vehicle that is 18 months long… It's releasing on Nov 2th and it cant be 1.5years of sold out already. The RAV was popular and it didn't have an 18 month wait list for it. I cant see this being three times more popular than a RAV by any stretch.

      • According to who?!

  • Will you be going kayaking in the near future?

  • OP, You should get a Brand new Volkswagen Tiguan for that price. Its spacious, Great quality. It comes with a 5 year warranty too.
    IMO its a great car

    • Dad wants Toyota (because that's what we always buy… reliability, cost to service, spare parts, rah rah…) I highly doubt that dad would allow a Euro car, especially a VW, into the family.

    • You missed this:
      "Things that matter most to us:


    • Servicing costs are a rip off and there's always one stupid sensor that breaks every year. The latest one is the windows rolling down when the car is locked with the remote.

  • Sounds like you’re still living at home?

    I don’t know your financial situation or that of your father, however my advice would be to buy a 1 or 2 year old used vehicle with low kms, unless you have money to burn on a new car that will depreciate quickly.

    • Not the best advice right now as used prices are high.

      May as well buy new during these times.

    • Reasonably new "used" is not necessarily a big saving… Consider, used you have to pay rego transfer cost, with new the price is usually inclusive of 12 mth rego. New will also have 12 mths CTP, new tyres, battery, brakes. With a used you will pay for a pre purchase inspection. In NSW you will not need to have (or pay for) a rego check for 5 yrs. You will have the full warranty.
      The biggest benefit with new is knowing it has not been fiddled with by some backyarder or some kid keen to learn. You will also know that it has not been flogged or been in a collision.
      Young cars in good condition may not be such a big saving on new. Some yards ask near new price for them, and get it!
      You usually get more trade in on a new car also.
      There are pros and cons to both options…

      • Pretty much our reasoning to opt for a new one. My Corolla Sedan was bought brand new and have come across literally zero problems, other than new brake pads and new oil etc.
        Conversely, my sister's car was bought second hand (pretty low kms too), looked great but so many hidden problems

    • I do see your point and I would go for low kms second hand. Honestly the cost of these vehicles are crazy high and do not warrant the price over a new one.
      The best I've seen around my are is like $2-3k less than new, and I've seen some go over the price of new for the exact trim lol

    • Our daughter was looking earlier this year for top of the Rav4 range, new was about $42K, I said get one few years old, she did paid $28K!, it was not only the colour she wanted but still had warranty. The trade in was awesome at $8k as I dealt with sales guy, it was a 10 year old Prado with 200K's on clock, leather on dash all cracked up due to sunlight and had a few dings, we got $8k trade in!.

      • You got ripped. Cheapest similar age prado on Carsales is $15k and it has 350k km in poverty pack.

        • Nope car was ready for wreckers, in fact we were amazed that they even traded it in but over a week I beat em up, whole dashboard cracked all over (big ones), tyres were shot and 1 day rego left. No local dealer would touch it.

  • Go Yaris GR. Even tho pre sale sold out, might be speaking to the dealership and see if they will honour the original presale price of $40k drive away

  • OP - who is paying for the car? You or your dad?

    Also, how old are you?

    • I'm also curious.

    • I will be paying about $10k in cash and he will be financing the rest.
      I am 21, will be living with my parents for a while due to their health concerns.
      Pretty much a car for a family of 5 is what we're after

      • Curious why you are looking for a $40,000 Toyota at 21?

        • Because daddy is buying it and won’t buy other than Toyota.

        • My dad is getting a Toyota in his prime, which I will also be using. I, at 21, do not own a vehicle and still live with my parents because reasons.

          • @lilrzy: Nothing wrong with still living at home when you're 21. 30 is the new 18 when it comes to leaving home. Interesting that you're putting 10k towards your Dad's car but I'm assuming you have some arrangement where you get to use it kind of like your own car? In any case - enjoy!

            • @johnno07: This guy gets it ;) Yeah you've got it on point. I will be using the car a lot more than him, and that's why I care so much on what we end up with! Thank you, will give an update after my Corolla has been sold.

  • W.A. + Toyota. Where's Spackbase when he's needed?

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    Corolla ZR Sedan? Can get it on 3.9% finance and has all the bells and whistles (not hybrid though)

    Yaris Cross (unlikely the top model will be within budget though).

    And yes, Perth based salesperson here…

    • I've had a look at it, considering going a full circle right back at the ol reliable Corolla.
      I am also seriously considering a Camry SX which is at $39337, so what does my fellow Perth employee suggest is a reasonable amount to haggle down to? I was hoping to go $3k under.

  • Your question is all backwards. You start with the premise that it must be Toyota but seem to have no preference for a style of vehicle. You need to decide your usage needs first, then pick a model to suit.

    You’ve picked a brand and want to find model by price without determining what usage needs you have. I recommend the car that best suits your needs according to space, passenger numbers and economy.

    If you must have a Toyota and have a budget set, just rock up to the nearest dealer and buy the first one you see.

    • You're right, I could have worded it a little better.
      I'm your average joe, mostly city driving and I've got a family of 5.
      Occasional offroading but if the budget says no, it's not a deal breaker.

      I'm not just purchasing a car solely based on the price itself. I have stated my preferred models above which all fits within my budget and needs.
      What I want is to know which one is bang for your buck I guess, which I have come to realise is the Corolla as some have mentioned.
      However if the RAV4 warrants the extra $$ I'm all for it

  • Rav4 is very uncomfortable, very harsh, very noisy when accelerating even just a bit. After sitting in it for 5 mins I wanna get out. Not recommended

  • I suggest it's high time you stepped out from the shadow of your father and made your own decisions. Haven't you seen the ads? Next your father will be dictating who you are to marry.

    Spring time is an ideal time in which to dance around the field of colourful cars. Make a date. Take out one or two for a test drive. See which one makes you feel safe and secure. Look for low maintenance. Look for low milage. If it takes you home to your door… it's a keeper.

    Don't worry what your father says…. you are the one who fell in love.

  • Camry SX looks fantastic. Corolla ZR looks fairly good as well. RAV4 would be more practical for 5. Though I'd go with the former two. Literally any fairly new Toyota you buy will be 1000x better than your old one in terms of driving. The RAV4 is only good in hybrid, otherwise the appeal isn't really there.

  • If you need to seat 5 (adults?) you’ll have to forget about the Corolla especially the hatch at the back the space is unforgivably small.

    • at the back the space is unforgivably small.

      I think you meant the back is sized according to the size of the vehicle. Ie it’s not a big nor even mid sized car.

      Ridiculous stating it’s unforgivably small when it’s sized appropriately for the class.

    • I saw the new Corolla in person and it actually seems alright in terms of space. Obviously not as roomy as the Camry but definitely manageable

  • i have a corolla sedan hybrid it's a great car

  • Keep the Corolla.

  • rav 4 hybrid…

  • why don't you buy another camry hybrid (get an ascent sport or SL) and gift it to your dad and takes his older camry?
    I would suggest if possible waiting till the update is released here in '21 - it comes with a lithium battery standard rather than the nickel cad - the way fo the future. It will have a few more electronic assists but is fundamentally the same car, and it is some car. One gets a sense of peace when driving it, as it is well designed with good noise suppression, easy to use controls and a gentle ride.

  • Keep your Corolla, ask your daddy to put the 30k into ETFs for you.

    You have a perfectly good car, why waste money on getting a brand newie? My lord some people make some bad financial decisions.

    • You have a perfectly good car, why waste money on getting a brand newie? My lord some people make some bad financial decisions.

      Some people are just mega wealthy in Sydney and Melbourne. Seriously, $30k is like a holiday lol

    • We're not buying another car just for fun lol. Corolla is pretty underpowered, and we need something better. The car will then be used for my dad's business in a few years time.