Mini LED - Dual Cell - Micro LED - OLED. Which Will Be Your Next TV?

Greetings People, Greetings and Salutations

It's bleak and rainy Saturday morning here in Melbourne. Retail is still closed and we are still in lock down. There is nothing I can do but stare at yet another screen, so I thought I would start a discussion about TVs!

Next year will probably be the most exciting year for TVs we've had in a while (as long as companies don't pull a Samsung and downgrade their entire line up)

We are expecting HDMI 2.1 to become the norm, Right now the only choices are the Sony X9000H and a few OLEDs.

Hisense should be perfecting their Dual Cell Tech, using 2 panels instead of one to create OLED like experience on an LCD LED TV with possibly higher brightness and no risk of burn in.

TCL should be doubling down on the X10 mini LED tech, super bright at nearly 2000 cd/m² and more than 700 dimming zones. Right now motion handling is not the best and brightness mapping is a bit on the brighter side. Hopefully we'll be getting the new revised version (already announced for the US)

Micro LED is still no where to be seen?!

OLEDs are still OLEDs. Maybe slightly brighter, slightly less risk of burn in.

What do you guys think? Which tech is the future? What will be your next TV?

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    I don't care about the panel, just give me that sweet 4k 120hz HDMI 2.1
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    Mini LED
  • 1
    Micro LED
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    eh FALD is fine,
  • 19
    OLED is king you peasants
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    Flowers tastes funny