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New Balance/Brooks/Mizuno Sneakers from $19.99 (Mulltiple Sizes) C&C NSW or + $10 Shipping @ Just Sport


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  • Always super small or xxxxxl sizes when you look for shoes

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    links are to womens shoes, not too many mens shoes available less than $30. Some people may checkout without realising…

    • Yes get 1 full size up and you'll be fine to buy women model

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    N logo is backwards. I see these coming out of China like that:

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      Perhaps it's just a case of the image being reversed?

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      I think these are Zoo Balance shoes

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      Definitely counterfeit.

      If the prices weren't enough of a giveaway, your sharp eye on the backwards N make me look closer. Check out the real 996:

      The front of the shoe tapers nicely on the real while this one is just some chunko workboot front. Awful and fake.

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        Well spotted, fakes are not a deal

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        Should be reported

      • But isn't that link of yours a different NB model to the OP's ?
        Your link doesn't look like the 520v2 which is what the OP is (or supposed to be).

        • OP of this post, edtrift, is the 'New Balance 996 - Teal'. Also slightly different to the one I posted, but looking at all the 996's (which i did at the time) my point still stands. Fake garbage.

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      Good pickup

    • Seems sus hey

    • not saying they're authentic but some of the images are just reversed, like https://www.justsport.com.au/collections/footwear/products/v...

  • They seem to have several retail stores. Are they any good?

  • Their last deal post: Reviews are mixed.

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    Well, the site seems to be registered (whois.net lookup) to a guy called George Zakhia representative of a company called Stocklots PTY Limited located in NSW, 2160 (Merrylands)

    Which coincidentally has a homonym in Caterbury Bankstown NSW (very close to Merrylands 16KM)


    Just trying to find out how reliable this business is. Sounds fishy to me.

  • Thanks

  • Why so cheap?

    • Why so serious?

  • Nothing in men's sizes 13/14

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    Lol, trash.

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    Look a the shit stitching on this Bew Nalance


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      This "deal" has been up way too long already. Please neg and report it.

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        You are calling it counterfeit, but the link you use to prove it in an earlier post seems to be of a different NB model ?

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    I have to disagree with those who say this company sell fake goods for a few reasons. In totality lead me to believe this store sells genuine goods:

    1. The company has 10 brick and mortar stores, some of which in the heart of Sydney. A company goes not simply open 10 stores by selling fake products. That doesn’t make sense to me. The shop fronts and interior resemble that of Amart Sports, Jim Kid Sports etc. ie they look legitimate.

    2. The reversed N can be seen here from Sole Supplier who I believe to be legitimate. https://thesolesupplier.co.uk/release-dates/new-balance/996/...

    3. The store has previous deals on OzBargain for shoes of the same cheap price without issues with Ozbargainers.

    4. The 10 stores have positive reviews on Google. No indication of counterfeit items.

    5. The company’s return and exchange policy is well written and refers specifically to the ACL.

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      Yeah these guys have been around for ages, these aren't fake shoes, they see probably just clearing stock or going bust

      • Honestly, Have anyone bought anything from this seller? They don't sell for a reason and everybody knows that.

        • I have once, bought some tennis shoes a few years ago as a walk in to one of their shops, got a pair of Brooks.

          The stuff they sell isn't dogy, but the shop is a little. It reminds me of the old "Stacks" and "Stacks 2"

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    I just picked up my shoes today from the Liverpool store (order on Sat, pick up on Wed). Despite a lot of people worry about the "N" logo the other way round, mine are fine. I bought NB 996 and 574 and compare to the New Balance online store and the design look the same. Their Liverpool store is closing down, might be they try to get rid of the stock. The staff is nice. When we went there to collect, he opened the shoe box and show us the shoes and check the size is correct etc. I know a lot of people complaining about the authenticity but with the price I paid (Price on NB website is over $100 each pair), I'm happy with my shoes.

  • received but they obviously don’t have good quality control set up. Received a pair with only right shoes

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