Looking for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner + Mop That Can Maintain White Porcelain Tiles (Shiny)

Hi all,

We have (some) carpeted areas, as well as (majority) shiny white porcelain tiles that accumulate footprints shortly after mopping. Over a few days the footprints build up.

Looking for a robotic vacuum/mop that has following features in order of importance:
-can vacuum and mop
-can deal with cleaning footprints and make the tiles footprint free once daily - its rare that we will have heavier duty mopping than that
-features: no mop zone, no go zone, 2 floors in memory
-smart features, turn on with phone app, or voice with alexa/google

Looked at this recent deal from Xiaomi, and was close to buying but wasn't convinced that mopping was going to suit needs.

Xiaomi Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Suction Laser Navigation Au Version $579

If anyone can suggest a robot or solution that can fulfil the above, please let me know. Price range is probably <$700

Cheers, snoopster


  • Why don’t you think the D9 would be suitable?

    • At first I thought it would be suitable, but then started to second guess. If it can in fact clean footprints off the tiles once daily thats more than enough. Do you think it is fine?

      • The mopping function is more so a wipe over than an actual mop (we have the F9). You’ll probably need to empty and refill the tank every day and rinse out the cloth.

      • Ah ok. So if there is a greasy mark on the ground like a footprint it might not be gone after 1 go? Happy to do empty/refill/rinse cloth daily

        Is it actually like a steam mop, or more just a wet towel? How much pressure would you say it applies to tiles?

        • More like a damp towel with hardly any pressure. The tank just clips into the unit with the cloth sliding in one end and velcro on the other. The tank drips water onto the cloth (3 settings in app - low, medium, high).

          We have vinyl and it still works quite well. I think it would remove footprint marks from your shiny tiles and freshen up the floor. For any stubborn marks, food, etc, it would probably need a manual mop.