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Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Suction Laser Navigation Au Version $579 @ Gearbite (Members)


Dreame (Xiaomi Eco-system) Launch New Flagship Robot Vacuum Cleaner D9 in Australia. We are glad as Australia is the first country to launch this new device.

Dreame has tried very hard to develop a high performance Robot Vacuum machine at exellent buy price. D9 is the right one.

Big Thanks to this community and your valuable feedbacks so that we can bring more and more excellent products. Dreame are very serious on our community's valuable feedback and take very good effort to improve their products.

We offer special price to our ozbargain Community. 60 Days Money back Guarantee(include change mind).

In Order to Retrieve the Prices in the title, please follow these steps:

  • Join the Facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive'
  • Follow the instructions in the most recent post to retrieve the code via Facebook message to apply on our website.

Otherwise, the coupon OZBARGAIN100 provides $100 off these vacuums (rather than the $120 off for members).

Dreame D9 Vacuum Video Here

The Dreame D9 is mostly similar to the F9 size, 35cm x 35cm x10cm. This is purposely designed to house the LiDAR navigation system which means greater accuracy in navigation; unlocking advance map memory and room recognition functionality such as multi-rooms and selected area cleaning, virtual walls, vaccum no-go zones and mop no-go zones.

Dreame D9 will have Multi-maps ( upto to 3 maps) support via firmware update. This will allow Dreame D9 to map and operate on multiple levels within the same house.

Other key hardware features of the Dreame D9 includes:

4 levels of suction mode with up to 3,000Pa of suction power.

5,200mAh battery for up to 2.5hours of operation time; and extended further when combined with “Smart Top-up” function. This feature enables the Dreame D9 to top-up for more power during a cleaning session; and continue the clean when the appropriate level of battery is reached.

A 570ml dustbin and a 270ml smart electric water tank with adjustable water level for more precise mopping.

Removable microfiber roller brush can easily be disassembled for easy access to remove tangled hairs and general maintenance.

Specification Xiaomi Dreame D9 $599
Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
Suction 3000Pa
Dust Bin 570ml
Battery 5200mAh
Smart Room Mapping Yes
Mopping E-tank(270ml)
Zone Clean Yes
No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
Selected room cleaning Yes
Multi-map Yes,firmware for 3 maps coming soon
Auto Charging Yes | Smart Top Up

All products come with 12 Months Official Local Warranty

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +7

    With so few reviews or previews of this model online, it would be good to have some sort of ready reckoner or list to compare this model with competing designs (e.g. S5 Max, S6 Pure) that you sell. Even though they’re theoretical, still helps.

    • +29
      Comparison Xiaomi Dreame F9 $429 Xiaomi Dreame D9 $579
      Sensor Vslam Laser Distance Sensor
      Suction 2500Pa 3000Pa
      Dust Bin 600ml 570ml
      Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
      Smart Room Mapping Yes Yes
      Mopping E-tank(200ml) E-tank(270ml)
      Zone Clean Yes Yes
      No Go Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone Virtual Wall, Restrict Area, No Mop Zone
      Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
      Auto Charging Yes Smart Top Up
      Smart Map 1 Map 3 Maps via firmware update
      Comparison Roborock S6 Pure $639.2 Roborock S5 Max $799.2
      Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Laser Distance Sensor
      Suction 2000Pa 2000Pa
      Dust Bin 460ml 460ml
      Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh
      Smart Room Mapping Yes, 3 Maps Yes, 3 Maps
      Mopping 180ml Manual Water Tank E-tank(290ml)
      Zone Clean/ No Go Yes Yes
      Selected room cleaning Yes Yes
      Auto Charging Yes,Smart top up Yes,Smart top up
      Smart Map 3 Map 3 Maps
      • Does F9 really have the no mop zone ?

        • +1

          New Firmware will have no mop zone.

          • @Gearbite: I just got the Dreame F9. It only supports 1 map right now :/ Is that coming in a future update?

            • @portard: No Mop zone will available for f9 shortly.

  • +1

    Is this the successor of the F9?

    On par Comparing to s5max?

    • +2

      This is Top model from Dreame at this moment. Please check comparison above.

      • Whybits cheaper than s6 and s5, provided it has better specs ?

        Is it good for fully carpeted apartment ?

  • With these vacuums that double up as a mop is it possible to switch the mop function off?

    • I imagine you'd just not fill the water tank, but I might be wrong

    • Yes, just don't install the mop container/cloth.

    • Yeah you actually have to modify the thing to mop. None of them just simply switch between the modes. That would actually be useful.

  • +2

    bought F9 for 380 in last eBay deal and got it delivered last night, charging it now, hope it justifies the price.

    and these Xiaomi robots are like Samsung phone, new models keep coming every month :(

    • +1

      Samsung releases monthly now? I agree there seems a lot more models now but the market has matured considerably.

      • there is a new model launched in India almost every month "M series"

    • My F9 from that deal was supposed to arrive Friday but it looks like it's onboard for delivery today. Getting it for $200 less than the new D9 is enough for me to not get upset with not having the latest and greatest.

  • What's smart top up? Is Laser Distance a noticeable step up from Vslam? Looking to grab one for Mum. Thanks!

    • +3

      So far laser distance is the best on market I think.

      So this D9 is as good as the s5max or s6max with a todiefor pricetag.

      I would be jumping on this when I get back to my computer

      Just hoping I am not a guinea pig for this new machine

      • +3

        S6 maxV have AI Camera, it will sees obstacles in its path and estimates their location and size, rerouting its course around them.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Everything sounds great on paper. Now I'm hoping I'm not a guinea pig either..

    • +1

      Laser navigation system which means better accuracy in Navigation. Smart Top Up mean that vacuum will charge enough power to finish the clean job instead charge 80% which will reduce the clean time if you have big house.

    • +1

      I owned the original Xiaomi Mi and currently own the F9.

      Honestly the Mi is much better at navigating, never bumped into anything and rarely missed spots. The F9 is great my floors have been clean, but it occasionally misses behind dining chairs or if there is an obstruction on the ground that the Mi would have got. The F9 I can't run overnight without leaving some lights on, it sucks in the dark.

      I wish I could train my F9 in for one with the Laser Distance if I were honest.

      F9 vs Roborock s5

      • +1

        Laser distance sensor have better navigation system, Dreame will have firmware update for F9 shortly, it will much improve after firmware update.

        • Looking forward to the F9 update. I lost my smart map in the Mi Home app for some reason and currently need a few more clean ups to complete it again. It resumed a full cleanup yesterday (after going for 2.5 hours before returning to dock to charge) but it started going over an area it had already been, and the area was being added as a new area of the house! I ended up cancelling the clean.

          I like the F9 height though - I'm not sure if the robot would fit under our beds (ensembles) with the laser module on top.

          • @ShortyX: Hi Shortyx, As this is pretty big update, and it is slightly delay, will let you know once ready.

            • @Gearbite: Thanks. I bought the F9 on Sep 1 and would potentially take advantage of the 60 day guarantee and consider paying an extra $150 for the D9. What is the height of the D9 including the laser module?

              • @ShortyX: 10cm, if you need any help to exchange, please contact us, we will happy to help you out.

  • anyone know the difference between E-tank and manual tank between these models?

    • E-tank means that water flow can be ajust at APP, s5 max have e-tank as well, s6 pure have manual water tank, you need to switch the physical switch button from watertank.

      • Thanks.

    • +1

      Electric/E-tanks are meant to more evenly dispense water without manual adjustment, which allows for App-Managed water usage *didnt see the earlier reply before posting sorry

  • I'm guessing the D9 doesn't have google home integration?

    • +3

      Have Amazon Alexa at this moment, will check if they support Google home in future.

    • +4

      Will support Google home in the future, but it won't be this year.

      • +1

        So you can make requests to the Xiaomi Product team now , talk about finally getting scale :P

        • Gearbite hustle is second to none!

        • +1

          Your Guys are part of product team as well, they take very serious on valuable feedback from this community.

  • Seriously considering this one. Price tag is workable…

    A question though.
    How does multi level work? The charging station lives on the ground floor, but vacuuming required upstairs.

    Do you carry the vacuum upstairs and leave the charging station downstairs?

    • You can leave charging stating at downstair, vacuum will find its position by laser distance sensor. 3 Maps function will support by firmware update.

      • Is the firmware update already available for download?

  • Got one, thanks. Been looking for a little vacuum and moppy boi.

  • Is there a way to tie this into home assistant?

    • Will support Google home in the future, but it won't be this year.

  • how effective are these on carpets?

    • +1

      I have tested it on Carpet. Performance on carpet is very good as it have 3000pa suction. You can turn on carpet boose function, once vacuum go to carpet area, it will boost the suction.

      • Does the F9 have a similar carpet boost function?

        • +1

          F9 carpet boost function is in tested mode. Will update after firmware update.

          • @Gearbite: Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

        • I have the F9, I turn the carpet boost on manually when it enters a carpeted room and it is excellent. Only downside is you need to do it manually (not exactly a problem vacuuming the rest of the house on boost if you forget to turn it off)

          • @mark-emark: I’ll have to try that out! Thanks :) Do you know if it’s possible to split rooms after a smart map is created?

            • +1

              @Akya: You can create zones, virtual walls, & restricted areas. It's a bit buggy creating and saving the smart map at the moment but apparently all that will be fixed with the upcoming firmware update.

  • @Gearbite
    does it require manual adjustment, in order to switch between mopping and dusting only, i.e. mopping sheet to be detached?

    • Mopping function only active after attach water tank.

      • thanks for your reply!
        if water tank attached - can it still do the dusting only run?

        • From recent app, it will vacuum and mop with assigned water flow. Would suggest to remove water tank if you want to vacuum only.

  • Any deals on Roborocks? Eyeing off the S6 Pure but price (~$640) is the normal price now.

    How does the Dreame D9 compare to the roborocks?

    • Read above for comparison lol

  • +1

    a worthy upgrade from a four year old first gen mirobot that's a bit bratty?

    • +1

      sitting on the same fence here bruh lol…

  • mi vacuum 1st gen is still very good vacuum, new vacuums have better software of mapping function and mopping features.

    • +1

      My main issues are that the little bastard gets stuck under stuff, fails to mount the rug sometimes (I, also, have had that issue) and won't shut the hell up. Even the sexy anime voice stops being funny. The suction is 'ok', but the other little bastard sheds so much that it seems like nothing will keep up.

      • stop the vacuum from rug may be a option as mi vacuum 1st Generation climb ability is 1.5cm compare 2cm for new vacuums, it seem rugs may cause the probelm.

  • +1

    Does the Dreame D9 use the same app as the Roborocks?

    • Both use Mi home APP

      • Thanks. It's interesting that roborock supports Google Home and Dreame doesn't (yet) even though they both use the same app.

        Definitely on the fence with this one. I just wish there were some reviews comparing it to the Roborocks (not just spec sheet comparisons)

        • Sure for that. Dreame still work on Google Home, it will support Next year. As this is new product and Australia is first country to lanuch this device,there were no review at this moment. But we will have more feedback from this community later. We also offer 60 Days Money back Guarantee(include change mind).

    • Yes, curious as to the app usability and whether it’s easy to operate, defaults to English etc.?

      • +1

        APP is very easy to use. Default to English.

  • +1

    "We are very great as Australia is the first country to launch this new device."

    Very modest :P

    • Thanks to piont out.:) I have tried my best.

  • -1

    At this price, the ecovacs deebot osmo920 would be a better choice?

  • +1

    So which of these are actually manufactured by different companies. It's getting hard to compare even just need on specs.

    This does seem like the one for me to upgrade from the gen1 as I didn't want the vslam of the f9.

    Also feel like first sale maybe isn't the best price we'll see.

    Is the s6pure then worth the money over this one?

  • I just realised that if you buy F9 you need to turn on the lights, which is a bummer as I planned to run the vacuum mid nights. without lights its navigation is not proper, Sad that Rep didn't mention this description. I wouldn't have purchased it.

    • Send your message regarding solution, please let us know if you need any help.

      • Rep,
        Can you clarify, I’m looking to run this At night as well, can this run with the lights off?

    • got DM from Rep, was given options. Thanks again

  • I love my S6 pure its been such a awesome machine that is easy to use and picks up a crap load of gunk!

  • What’s the delivery time? Thanks

    • Will ship within 24 hours by Auspost, depend on your location.

  • Hi Gearbite
    I bought the Dreame F9 from you guys not too long ago but I'm not overly happy with it as the VSLAM isn't working out well for me. I think I'd prefer the D9 with the laser sensor
    I have the original box etc but I have run the vacuum a few times and it does look used (i.e. some bump marks etc)
    Is there any way for me to trade this in for the D9?

    • +4

      Sure, Please contact us with oz message, will happy to help you out.

  • +1

    Why is roborock more expensive than dreame? Feature wise, they are the similar. Is the build quality better?

    • I want to know this as well.

    • +1

      Probably just due to being the more established brand name.

  • +1

    Hi Gearbite,
    My main concern is reliability/availability of spare parts, nearly pulled the trigger on an IndieGoGo for the Honor XCLEA robot vacuum with self-emptying station, but there were too many unknowns and not enough assurance of ongoing or local support.

    I also don’t want to buy and see these drop again before Christmas, but I suppose 60-days covers any concerns to that end?

    Please confirm if spare/surplus mop attachments ship with the main unit or if/when these and other spares will be available for ongoing purchase? Thanks for your responses thus far

    • +1

      For Dreame product lines, we will have all their accessories. You will be fine.

      • @Gearbrite I cant see any accesories on your site yet, id like to get some more mopping pads. Are the mop pads, brushes, filters etc the same ones as the F9?

  • +1

    Is laser navigation a bit of a gimmick?
    I've got old an Mi Robot vacuum and it navigates itself around perfectly fine?

    • +2

      Mi Robot vacuum also have laser navigation, New laser navigation system have smart room mapping function and more no go zone features.

  • I've got a roborock S5 and it struggles at my place with all the dog hair, its pretty much full after every clean.

    I've gone through heaps of brushes etc, is there any deal on this dreame with extra brushes?

    Any chance the Dreame and roborock can run at the same time? In case one gets stuck the other one might actually finish the cleaning!

    I've got a puppy and her toys and mess often lead our little roborock in to trouble, so I having two robo vacums might be better than one.

    • Please check main brush here, it is easy to clean with design, but i do not think it is good solution for your case.

    • +2

      Puppy and robo vacuums can cause poop disasters requiring whole house carpet have to be steam cleaned and them replaced to remove stench.

  • oh wish I could pull the trigger on this. Have been looking for a robo vac of sorts for ages.Just don't have the cash this month.
    Might have to let this one pass for now, and perhaps see what is available for black Friday deals when it comes.

  • The VIOMI V2 pro was just $329-$349 and has LDS, how is this better at almost double the price. VIOMI is a Xioami ecosystem company as well
    The price always rises by 30% as soon as their is word called AU version with very little changes done.Xiaomi is a VFM brand, keep it that way in AU, Xiaomi is not going to be a Dyson anytime soon, so stop slaping the AU stickers, Kmart can do it better at a scale of putting AU stickers and regulation stickers.

    • +1

      We used to sell xiaomi robot vacuum second generation vacuum which was manufacture by VIOMI, we have many warranty problems regarding hardware(a lots of problem for 2 in 1water tank, have many returns for that machine),and then we stop sell their product. As VIOMI did not focus at vacuum section, i would say roborock and dreame do much better than VIOMI in vacuum category. VIOMI have small battery 3200mAh. We want to get good review and high quality product to australia, VIOMI version is not our choice. You can ask our user @bemybubble, we have exchange other devices for some cutomer as they not happy about the products.

  • Does anyone find the mop function useful? Not destructive on carpets/rugs etc?

    • Interested to know too. Looking for something that vacuums and mops tile, carpet and vinyl well (I have a little one starting to crawl so need it to do a good job).

      • +1

        I found the F9 vacuum works well and the mop is more of a wipe over rather than a full mop clean. Floors are still relatively clean though, but we'll probably still mop manually every few weeks.

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