Fake AirPods on eBay? Only $148

I just came across https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Sealed-Genuine-AppIe-AirPods...?

if I buy these, and turn out to be fake, do you guys think ebay will refund? or its not worth the hassle

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  • LOL, using Wireless1 images. Don't bother, it's 100% a scam. Probably hacked account

  • Returns: Free 30-day returns | See details

    Probably arrange a return if you're not happy with the product

  • Not worth the hassle. They'll be fake, that's if they even send them.

    If it seems too good to be true………….

  • You'll buy it, they'll send you a tracking number but no product, and when you go to complain ebay will actually take their side because from their POV, the seller has 100% feedback and a clean record. You wave goodbye to your $150 dollars.

    This clean record mostly consists of sales of very low-value items dropshipped all over the world. . Look at the Socks listing and you'll see it's in Shenzhen, doesn't ship to Australia.

    Now look at the airpods listing and it's in Botany Bay, NSW.

    there are businesses that specialize in selling what's called "Aged accounts". They make lots of merchant accounts on different sites, do a few 'legitimate' transactions on them from time to time. When the accounts are old enough and have accumulated enough feedback, they are sold to scammers who want to run their own illegal operations.

    The scammers do what they want with the account, making fraud listings and taking payment from people who like to take risks. Eventually eBay shuts the account when the feedback is no longer good or they pack-up just before eBay catches on.

    The scammers don't care because the account is disposable…

    Then they buy another aged account with perfect, clean feedback, and it keeps going in a loop.

    • A+ for great analysis and explanation.
      Very helpful to know.

    • Other times it's just hijacked accounts — accounts that belong to regular folk but due to being PWNED or weak password practices their accounts got taken over by scammers and are used for monkey business.

  • The seller is based in China so that should be a clue as to the authenticity of the item

  • Point of manufacture is not the issue, it is where the seller is located and the reputation of sellers in China for selling counterfeit goods is over-whelming

    • Sure, but nowadays some of the best budget brands in the world are original Chinese products. You can still find fakes, but if you want the original you're still going to have to trust a seller in China or pay the Western RRP price from authorized resellers. Meaning a massive markup. Though some of the people most experienced selling genuine ones cheap are all in China, they all ship out of Hong Kong. Presumably they know how to get them straight from the source, or are only a few resellers removed from the source.

  • It says genuine in the title, so yeah you'd get a refund if you pay with paypal. If you know it is fake though then you're just wasting your time.