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40% Off Olight Array 400 lumen Headlamp + i5T EOS Black 300 lumen Torch $80.94 (Was $134.90) + Free Shipping @ Olight


Olight Australia will have the Array Headlamp in a 40% off bundle with the i5T EOS (Black) AA torch, for 3 hours near the end of their current flash sale. As it is over $75, it qualifies for free shipping within Australia and you can add the OPEN 2 refills to your cart for free too.

Olight Array + i5T EOS Black - $80.94 Was $134.90

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Olight Australia
Olight Australia

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  • Is this of good quality? need a headlight

    • +1

      me too, but i was aiming for the $15 mark.

      • +1

        You get what you pay for😎

    • I highly recommended for HM65R
      Fenix is really amazing! You will not regret ever.
      I don't know til when but if you order this, you will get a Free E01 v2.0
      Plus 15% by joining their mailing

      • What is the gifted item? Where does it say?

        • I got an email from them. It says limited time only. Not mentioned about period and condition

          • @Asgard: I cannot subscribe to their list, it just spins

            • @Kawaii: It was spinning for me too, sent them a message.

              15% off code - FL049
              Email says it's valid for next 48 hours (from 8pm Sydney time)
              Not sure if this is generic. Maybe they increment the number after 48 hours.

              Got the HM65R using the code - $127.46

    • +3

      Can't fault Olights torches😎 5yr warranty too. Already have about dozen torches from them. Great quality light

      • Had a dud O-pen 2 from them, replaced it no worries, then sent out replacement ink refills. Also replaced batteries no worries if it was under a year old. The customer support from Olight Australia is second to none, so easy to deal with

  • Don't need it…. but I want it. Love my other two Olights.

    • I feel that, I've got the Perun and Perun Mini, but the Array looks to be a great little headlamp for working on the car

      • I have two Arrays the one i'm using and a spare for when it dies. I love it. Best headlamp i have ever used. But that's me :)

      • Perun Mini vs Array?
        Which one is better?

        • +2

          Two different beasts. One is a right angled mini torch that doubles as a headlamp but requires a headband which it doesn't come with as it's optional, but it has the benefit of versatility with magnetic mounting and headlamp options + 1000 lumens vs the arrays 400 lumens. It comes down to preference as the Perun kit is more expensive at $108.90

          • @Wilkshire13: As far as I understand Perun Mini will work with 3rd-party 16340 battery.

            But it looks like Array is using some proprietary battery which might not be available in few years.
            It this the case?

            • @SickDmith: From what I can gather, you can use a 3rd party 16340 battery in the Perun Mini, but you will lose the magnetic charging.

              The Array has a built-in battery pack that is not available separately I believe, though Olight Aus will surely have spares in the instance it dies under warranty as batteries can do.

              • @Wilkshire13:

                in the instance it dies under warranty as batteries can do.

                This is exactly why I am asking… I am planning to use headlight longer than 1 year. So the battery has to be available few years later.

                • @SickDmith: You should be able to buy them from Olight directly as replacements as they did with the R50 Seeker Batteries, but it doesn't seem to be something they will list on their site.

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