eBay Plus Seller with Perfect Feedback

Looking to buy something of high value off eBay. The seller is someone with an eBay Plus badge and also with perfect feedback ratings (over a few hundred sales). So how much vetting does eBay do on their Plus sellers and is a perfect feedback score too suspicious?

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  • Some sellers will refund anyone who leaves bad feedback for a low value item, or negotiate partial refunds in higher value items. It's good for individual customers, bad defeats the point of a review system.

  • what's the red flag here? 100% positive feedback is quite common.. I've seen plenty of sellers with perfect scores and a high number of sales. It just means they're a good seller, they've been accepted into the eBay plus program as a result, and is a green light for you to purchase from them.

    • I guess it's more that I'd expect even the best seller to accumulate an negative review on an occasion or two.

    • eBay protects the sellers. I've had negative feedback removed from me after they appealed it somehow.

      • Running an eBay store with over 5,000 sales a year I can assure you that eBay does more to protect the buyer than the seller.
        For example, sellers are at the mercy of a buyer when it comes to feedback and it is rare to get negative feedback removed.
        On the other hand, sellers can only leave buyers positive feedback and have no ability to warn other sellers of a buyers dubious tactics with negative feedback.

  • What is the item?
    Tell us, maybe we can find you a better deal

    • op, tell us the seller as well so we can GL or RL them for ya for peace of mind lol

  • IMHO Ebay should be left for low value items only. Too risky even as a buyer.

  • I think it's ok. I'd look at the number, a few hundred, is pretty good, and if in the history other ppl have bought the same item and it was ok.