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Free Delivery on Purchases of Full Priced Items (Excl. Sesame Street / Face Masks) over $50 @ Miniso


I believe the free shipping is a relatively new offering
Used to be shop in store only or delivery at a cost through third parties

Terms and conditions

  1. Purchase full price items over AU$50 (except disposable mask, sesame street series) can enjoy this program.
  2. The program is eligible for orders from Miniso Online Store only, orders from Physical Stores are ineligible.
  3. The program cannot be combined with other discount, reduction, etc.

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  • +2 votes

    When I saw the logo, I thought it was MUJI no wait UNIQLO nope… 😔

  • Their website is not quite as crap as it was before but man they still need to work on their images.

    Nothing I want but I miss just wandering into these stores.

  • +12 votes

    A lousy Daiso copycat?

    • They might seem 'lousy' at first glance but they're actually pretty succesful and have stores in 80(!) countries.

      Except Japan. Since Daiso is already there.

      They actually have a bit more variety (and licensed products) since they don't stick to the "$2.80 AUD" / 100Yen price promise, but after visiting their shop in Sydney I don't think there's much in there that would interest the savvy ozbargainer who is already getting a better price shopping online and getting stuff delivered from Aliexpress or eBay.

      • +7 votes

        I don't know. I feel like Daiso is more original. Have set foot in Miniso once for one minute and walked back out.

        • miniso quality is better than daiso

          its basically a fusion of daiso x muji
          same with price lol

        • Neither shops interest me to be honest, I live very close to a Daiso and really only visit there just to buy some Japanese food (dried Mango anyone?) and kitchen utensils.

          Miniso doesn't sell any food, and their prices are much higher — it's not strictly a 100-Yen store like Daiso. But looking at their online inventory and doing a rough count of what they're offering at the online store I'd say they have a slightly bigger product range.

      • +13 votes

        Speaks volumes from the wiki:
        "made in China to look Japanese",[4][37] particularly when most of the company's stores are located in China, where people trust Japanese brands more than domestic offerings.[2] It has also been criticized for affixing grammatically incorrect Japanese-language labels to many products, a consequence of using Baidu Translate to produce Japanese language copy, as admitted by Miniso management.”

        TETO, I bought items I wanted from both Diaso and Miniso. Diaso has more variety and most items design isn’t a “try hard”. Miniso, I didn’t find many items of interest for me personally, some are ok, most I didn’t have a need or found a purpose for IMO.

    • Not really, plus Miniso has products with Disney, Cartoon Network, Marvel, etc. unlike the mostly generic stuff at Daiso.

  • Muji copycat

    • Yes it is. But the goods are fine.

    • No, they’re not. Muji and Miniso has different target market, different product offering. Miniso is more skew towards teenager with their cute products offering, while Muji is more subtle and functional minimalism design aim at more mature audience.

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