[Kogan First] DIY Glow in The Dark Toy Rollercoaster (5m) $19.99 Express Delivered @ Kogan


It looks like the same deal in 2018 with 99c dearer, but still @ good price.

This exciting toy rollercoaster provides endless fun – well into the night!

  • DIY construction – a rewarding challenge!
  • Unique glow in the dark design
  • 5m of exciting track length
  • Elevator keeps the rollercoaster moving
  • The 5 included marbles can perform 360-degree flipovers and incredible steep drops

The DIY Glow in the Dark Toy Rollercoaster is bound to delight children and adults alike. Enjoy the challenge of putting it all together, with the end result being an impressive rollercoaster set that you can be proud of!

Since it glows in the dark, this rollercoaster set can be enjoyed with the lights off, and comes equipped with an elevator that takes all the pieces from the bottom back to the top in a continuous loop.

Another option @ the same price.

Search spacerail on Youtube for some videos reviews. e.g. one, two.

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  • While the toy itself is not bad, the manual is terrible and not as easy to assemble as one would think

  • I bought this. It is junk

    • Ditto. It ran well for about 2 days but the plastic clips broke under the small strain of the rails when the marbles roll. I used up all the 5 spare clips amd now it's just junk. Put the $20 towards some Eneloops instead.

  • I had a similar one of these about 10 years ago. It worked, but getting the tracks fine tuned so that the marbles didn't constantly fall between the tracks or fly off around corners was extremely difficult. I'd only recommend if you've got the patience to tweak it for hours then never move it again…

  • I had this when I was little and this version is much smaller than the OG version from Japan.

    With this version, it took me a while to assemble it and because the "rails" are so rigid, they tend to deforms after a day or so and you're forever adjusting it.
    Then the "rail hangers" break and there's not enough spares, which means the set goes into the bin.

    IMO, for the same price, better to buy the Lego Speed Champion Cars.

    Also, these series of toys are called "SpaceRail".
    Plenty of videos on Youtube.

  • Looks boring.

  • Got this in 2018 and unlike most of the above we had no issues building, it looked daunting from the instructions which are a mixture of 'ok' and nonsense. However in reality once started it was pretty easy, perhaps we lucked out and got it about right from the start as it needed minimal adjustments. That said after the initial build, and using it once in a Rube Goldberg machine, it's hardly ever been turned on since.

    So basically its $20 for a mornings build, minimal entertainment and then landfill or clutter.

    • Same. Agree. Unless you're gonna pull it apart and pass it on it's not really a sensible buy.

  • Bad instruction, hard to put together even for adult. We gave up and threw it away…

  • I had fun with this. My 10yo learned a little about patience and persistence. Worked well when finished.

    The glow is very weak though. I barely notice it when the lights go out.

  • I got one in that 2018 post.

    Still sitting in box in back room. Need like a pandemic or lockdown keeping me at home to get around to completing it.

  • I found this, and the other "marble run" toys to be amazing learning tools.
    They have helped teach all my children a wide variety of words, including many they had never heard before, as I assemble it.
    They have learnt new ways of joining track together involving a blow torch and descriptive phrasing of where exactly the designer can shove each bit of track.
    It has helped them learn that persistence, or sheer bloody mindedness, can be helpful in overcoming obstacles in life.
    Above all, they learnt that there is nothing quite like family bonding time as we watch plastic melt in the fireplace.

  • Gone to $29 now.

  • Anyone tried the Gravitrax stuff ?