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[Kogan First] Kogan 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner (Reverse Cycle) $299 Delivered & More @ Kogan

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  • C Nine 😁

  • Anyone have any feedback on the C9 :) vacuum?

    • i hear it sucks

      • if it sucks a lot, that's good. but if it only sucks a little or doesn't even suck at all, then that would really suck a lot

    • Purchased one about 6 weeks ago. It's crap. Don't buy it. The suction is really poor, you have to use it on boost mode all the time. Our $39 Onix vacuum has better suction (it's just not cordless). One of our Kogan purchases we regret. Save your moolah and get a Xiaomi when they're on special.

    • The clue is in the name. Kogan C9

  • Is it confirmed that the deals are starting at 9am? I contacted their customer service and even they didn't even know…

  • Alright, took the vacuum cleaner out of the title as apparently no one wants it lol

    • No need. Kogan doesn’t have it. Link shows to non existent product. Disappointed with this sale for many non existent products.

  • How to join kogan first for cheap/free?

    • I think there is a trial period on the website. "30 Day Membership + 14 Day FREE Trial"

  • I know portable A/C isnt very efficient but does anyone have feedback on this particular one?


    How would it compare to this Bunnings one?

    • I searched for old deals of this kogan one here and they all said it's noisy af, but as are all portable air cons. Only get if there are no other alternatives systems like an externally mounted window box or split etc

      • I've owned a few of these things back in the day. Horribly ineffecient, simply due to the fact that the same volume of air that is pumped outside results in hot air being sucked back into the house.

    • Kogan is more powerful, is reverse cycle and is Tuya Smart enabled. The bunnings one is super basic.

    • +2 votes

      You won't buy it after you checked out the bad reviews.

      Item was sent broken. Took a couple weeks to replace with an also faulty item. Customer support was disorganised and increadibly slow to kerp me updated about the whole situation. Also courier they make you pay for would give a couple hours notice before delivery time…expecting you to be there to recieve. Disgusted by this experience!


    • I’ve got the Kogan smart, used it over last summer, it does the job, bit noisy as any other portable ac but nothing you can’t get over on a 40+ deg night. App controls is easy to use. I got it to cool just 1 bedroom instead of turning on the ducted ac that consumes 7.5kw of power (from memory Kogan consumes about 3.5kw at peak and drops to around 1kw to maintain).
      If you need it for a bedroom, it’s good, buy it. But don’t expect it to cool a living area.

      • Are you sure it consumes 7.5kW and it's not the capacity? Genuine question. Makes sense if you have a huge house, but then it's strange you can run it for the entire place or not at all.

        • yeah i know, i've got a 22kw (cooling power) ducted Brivis add-on cooling that i know consumes around 7-8kw of power when in use (i've got solar + smart meter). It's not a huge house, but also have 4 zones put in, so i can cool just the 1 bed when i want, doing so still consumes more than the portable ac.
          In saying that, i've since bought one of these and been using it over winter, i'm guessing my kogan ac will stay in it's box this summer.

    • You need a two hose model, even then not that good.

    • CHOICE rate it ok in their latest reviews and recommend it.

      Bad points. Only OK cooling score. Only OK energy efficiency. Noisy.

      Expert rating 70%. Their top score for portable air cons is 71%.

      That's not how I'd rate it even on their own testing because I would weight cooling and noise higher than they do.

    • I bought this one” Kogan 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner ” last year, working well, control on APP when it connects to Wifi.
      Easy setting up time to turn on or turn off.
      The sound.. definitely louder than non portable but I can accept it. Not that bad.
      Cool my small bed room in 5-10 mins.
      But not efficient in living room.
      I spent $399 last year so this price is good for me.

    • I can’t comment on the Bunnings one but I’ve owned a previous model Kogan portable A/C. Outside of poor efficiency and being noisy, which is expected, the build quality is poor imo. My A/C broke after only light use but outside of the warranty period.

    • Thanks for the feedback all. Tried to buy it at 12:00 and the product had mysteriously disappeared. Link just went to the category. Not displaying 'sold out' or anything.

  • Apple airpods for $149 seems decent as well

  • Did Choice already review this is bad Air Conditioner? Kogan brand is not good in quality somehow to me.

  • New portable air cons with dual hoses for inlet/outlet are coming soon. These fixed some BS law essentially banning them, so yeh if you can handle some heat wait for those.

    • oooh interested. Do you have more details? Which brand and model? When is it coming out?

      • No idea, I just read on OzB and whirlpool that they repealed a law in April this year which should change the market. Can't see any for sale yet.

  • I've never owned a Kogan branded aircon but I got a Vostok from them (I think that is a Kogan rebranded Rinnai) which I think is quite good

  • Signed up for First yesterday, how come items (sold by kogan, kogan brand) still have delivery fees? Surely a kogan item would be eligible.

  • I bought that portable aircon last Summer and hated that thing. Noisy, took a while to get it set up as my window wasn't the right fit, and barely cooled the room.

    As soon as I turned it off, the room would be hot again in just a minute or two so it didn't do much for cooling either.

  • This sale is terrible btw

  • Kogan customer support is non existent.
    I would be willing to try the portable aircons for $9 each but just have so much distrust towards Kogan.

  • lol.. where is "Kogan Active+ Lite Smart Watch" with " Classic black" on kogan..

    what they have is only Green / Grey and Gold.

  • Started?

  • Apple airpods 2 for $149

  • Can't find the 3-1 ring light for $9

  • Ring light and evaporative cooler is non existent. Link goes to nothing.

    The smart watch shows sold out.

    I thing Kogan is lying again about this sale.

  • Ring light and evap cooler sold out.

  • Just managed to grab the cooler. Thanks Op.

  • Can someone post when the light will be available?