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[Kogan First] Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $149 | RGB Mechanical Keyboard $29.99 Shipped @ Kogan


Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

HERO 16K Sensor delivers unparalleled precision
Hyper-fast scroll wheel
Lightspeed wireless technology
POWERPLAY compatible
Onboard memory
Mechanical button tensioning system

Kogan RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Red Switch)

Keyboard with 9 LED backlight modes
Mechanical red switches
26-key anti-ghosting
Aluminium top cover
PVC USB cable with magnetic ring

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  • No sale on Logitech G Pro Wireless :(

    • Saw it as 179? Not sure if it’s a deal. But me personally haven’t seen it going down $200 recently

    • They all do the same thing as long as it has the hero and lightspeed sensor there really is no difference besides shape…… The g pro wireless has a very crap shape imo

      • Agreed. For some reason I assumed the G Pro was better but in hindsight, would have much preferred this one for the shape.

        The G Pro has a very thin shape which I don't like.

  • What happened to Kogan Wireless Mechanical Keyboards? Not available on their website.

  • where is the tv deal? still waiting for the 65 inch 499 tv

  • Personally would advise against getting the mechanical keyboards from Kogan, probably spend the extra $20-30 odd for a better one off of Amazon. Font is a bit tacky, also it's not true RGB, rather just an array of single coloured LEDs.

    • For another opinion, I actually quite like it for the price. It's not as good as my Corsair one but I use the Kogan at work where I didn't want to risk something expensive going missing. Typing on it is miles better than a rubber dome keyboard and I truly don't care for RGB so have it set to a solid colour at all times. Well worth it as a cheap upgrade to get yourself into the mechanical keyboard club.

    • kogan's "full rgb" mech keyboard is $16 more for brown & red switch variants. font still isn't great but the build quality is better.

    • yes this guy is correct. When you buy a Razer keyboard then you can immediately notice the difference.
      Kogan RGB is not real RGB. They are indeed single coloured LEDs.

  • must… not … buy….mouse…..must ….save money….for gpu………… Thursdays announcement cant come early enough

  • I really like the G502 wired, decided to upgrade to the wireless since i started playing lower dpi, will see how it goes.

  • $30 is about right for a budget mech keyboard. you won't be wowed by its build quality, nor will you be sad to lose it. lighting effects are boring (i would have preferred a solid colour backlight.) expect the odd key that doesn't register a key press. been using mine since June though so it's stubbornly hanging in there

  • is the G502, AU stock?