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$50 Costco Shop Card + $50 off Second Pair of Glasses When Spending $250 at Optical Centre @ Costco (Membership Reqd)


Received an email from Costco advising about the $50 Costco Shop Card + $50 off Second Pair of Glasses When Spending $250 at Optical Centre. Might be helpful for some.

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Costco Wholesale


  • I wonder if "current prescription required" means I have to sit an eye test for them, or if a copy of my prescription from my optometrist will suffice? I don't want to have to sit and then end up having a disagreement if my test is slightly off from my current prescription because I can't tell the difference between A or B…

  • can be used with private health insurance ?

    • Yep. I regularly get contact lens from Costco and claim - benefits processed immediately, I only pay the gap. Works with NIB and Medibank, standard HiCAPS terminal.

  • Pricing is not shown on the website or even clearly shown in store from memory.

    Has anyone bought glasses from Costco before?

    Any idea how much multifocals are in addition to the frame prices?

    • Can't help with much with glasses lenses. The contact lenses I get are usually a touch cheaper than any online price I can find. In general, Costco considers their membership fee as profit - everything else is rent, hiring staff, and keeping the lights on so markups are usually lower.

    • IIRC, it's around $270 for the multi-focal lenses inclusive of coatings (blue light, UV, scratch resistance). The lens are 1.67.

      The frames cost extra and their selection isn't that great.

      It your power isn't too high, some place like specsavers would be a better option as they have more frame choices and better private health rebates.

  • Damn it… I just spent $300 worth of opticals at Costo 3 weeks ago..

  • can you make one pair for self and second for member 2 from the same household and get the discount ? or has to be 2 pairs for 1 person?

    • never mind - saw it on the website " Each pair of eyeglasses must be for the same individual".. .damn

  • Hmmm, got a pair of lenses for one of my frames from Costco a couple of years ago, and about a year later small pieces of the coating started coming off, giving my mismatched colour portions of the lenses in my vision area, very annoying.

    To give them a second chance or not…..