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40% off + Further 20% off at Merchant 1948


First deal. Please go easy.

I like their shoes and think that they are good price now, if bought from outlet combining the 20%.

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Merchant 1948
Merchant 1948


  • hmmm, my antivirus program blocked me from accessing as there's a potential for data loss from the website!

  • Overpriced for the quality

  • Nice one, thanks OP. Merchant have great shoes. This is why I come to Ozbargain for finds like this.

  • Yep same result as Crazybuyer here…..I didn't proceed.

  • Has anyone bought from Merchant 1948? What was your experience like?

    • I have bought three pairs so far and quality has been quite good.

    • +3 votes

      Bought a pair years ago for work. Definitely an improvement to what I previously had and for a decent price. <$100.

      Pretty sure it was "Hand Made in Portugal".

    • I've bought a pair before. Very good quality. And now I've just bought three more!

  • I didn't realise Merchant 1948 had an online presence here. They are a big shoe retailer in NZ. They source the same Portuguese made white label shoes as Wild Rhino do but label them as Bullboxer (and seemingly now also Arturo). They actually have a wider range than Wild Rhino do. I love Wild Rhino and have about 6 pairs of their shoes and trainers. While I agree that the rrp is pricey (although I was known to pay the rrp when in NZ as I loved them so much), they are an absolute bargain using the 20% plus 40% deal here.

    However, since lockdown I've not worn any of my Wild Rhino and have only been wearing my two different Adidas Boosts. It's a shame because they don't look as good.

  • Seems like they're mostly overpriced Portuguese cemented shoes made from bonded leather - unless you purchase some of the more expensive items. Probably would steer clear on these (unless they felt amazinlgy comfy), since they seem simlar have similar quality as Aquila and Windosr Smith minus not as much mark-up in this case.