Recommend USB-C Power Adapter (iPhone if That Matters)

Since Apple isn't coupling a power adapter with the iPhone any longer, saw the deal on Apple's USB-C power adapter this afternoon got me wondering what's the best alternative (price/performance/reliability) you have used?


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    Get the new Apple one - they have dropped the price for the 20W USB-C charger to $29

    • Thanks, although I was hoping for a decent quality 3rd party charger for about the same price with a couple more features.

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    I personally would stick with the Apple 20 watt charger as it’s not very expensive at $29.

    This Anker charger is reviewed very well but is a little more expensive:

    I wouldn’t buy any of the cheap random brand chargers which are readily available.

    • yeah I think at that price I was hoping for one more useful feature other than faster charging.

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    I have a Samsung S9 (which is USB-C) and a 16" Macbook Pro and I actually use my MBP 96W Apple charger to charge my phone, laptop, speaker.

    Might not be an option for you but the idea of getting something with more wattage is something to consider - means it can charge multiple things.

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    Here ya go!

    Apple 18W USB-C Power Adaptor $25 @ The Good Guys (Was $49)

    • yep saw that but thanks. There's also a kmart adapter listed

      • You should go with an apple power adapter because if something goes wrong relating with the charging then apple will not cover it under warranty (If you wanted to get a iPhone 12 or have another iPhone under warranty)
        There is a sale on the 20W one for $24.95 delivered from a apple authorised retailer

  • It's been tested that iPhone 12 can take up to 23W charging power. 20W wall charger is a little less than that. Try using a 30W or 45W charger head to milk the extra 10%.

    I brought this 30W charger when it was $29 last week.

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