[Expired] Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $244 USD (~ $342 AUD) Delivered @ Dreame Official via Indiegogo

Hi all, this 'deal' is not posted as a 'deal' due to the store, which is banned on Ozbargain. However, a mod has approved it to be posted in the forums.

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Indiegogo deal (non-referral): https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dreame-t20-cordless-vacuu...

This is the New Xiaomi Dreame T20, which competes really well with the Dyson V11 (especially at this price point).
Currently 34% off for the single unit, and the campaign ends in about 6 days. Spec-wise, this is extremely good value, which is why I'm sharing it with all.

Sidenote: this deal was posted on HotUKDeals and was pretty popular, so also felt like it was unfair if it wasn't shared on Ozb


For reference, the Dreame V11 model is more expensive after discount, for $369

Would recommend getting the T20 over the Dreame V11. Here's why:

  • same specs (power and motor speed)
  • swappable battery (huge plus)
  • intelligent floor detection mode (knows when you're cleaning a hard floor or carpet)
  • larger dust cup
  • includes crevice nozzle

More importantly, its cheaper by around $25 AUD. Dreame have told me that it will be the lowest price available.

For a detailed comparison of the T20 with other Dreame models and competitors, please see here

Additional filters can be purchased via eBay, Catch and Groupon, after launch in Australia.


Mass production has already begun on these and will be shipped in November.

AU plugs will be supplied for AU orders (confirmed by Dreame)


2 years global warranty (no need for sending back of parts - they will request for images of the issue and send replacements accordingly)


If you wish to buy it, consider clicking through a random referral link. This referral program includes free gifts for the referrer (shipped with their T20):

  • a $19 USD filter package (refer 1 friend)
  • or a $79 USD brush & mop package (refer 2 friends) after we confirm their order

Feel free to add your own code if you've bought one before. Linked down below.

Mod: We have setup the referral system here for anyone wanting a code or wanting to add their code. Do not solicit or ask for referral codes in the comments.

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  • please kindly click through a random referral link…

    Hardly random…

    • that's because it was just set up. Anyone who has a referral link can add it in :)

  • What do you mean by " Additional filters can be purchased via eBay, Catch and Groupon, after launch in Australia."? What are the additional filters?

    • They're the HEPA filter and Pre-filter. Filters are used to trap dust and dirt inside the vacuum so it doesn't get out. The package comes with a set already but sometimes they require replacement after wearing out. (You can still use the vacuum with a heavily used filter, though it might not be as good with filtering dust and what not)

    • The 'additional filters' are the same ones that come with the original package, see replies below.

  • indiegogo site doesn't mention the base model comes with a filter though? also no mention of "HEPA"

    • the washable filter package is the same with the original filter comes with your Dreame T20. With love, Dreame Team.

      source: their FB group comments

      The washable filter package includes HEPA and pre-filter (you can find images of those on the page, scroll down until you see 'new accessory arrival' or just search 'washable filter package').

      • Yes but what I meant is whether you get a filter with the base machine without buying the filter package, doesn't say

        • Yes you do receive a filter with the base machine

          the original filter comes with your Dreame T20

          and just found another reply:

          Dear, the package of Dreame T20 contains 1 pack of washable filter. It depends on the sanitary condition of the environment you use the vacuum. Generally, It is recommended to clean the pre-filter at least once every 3 months and the HEPA filter at least once every 6 months. And the 12-cone Cyclone Separator of Dreame T20 prevents the filter itself from growing clogged, providing 63% longer filter life than traditional cartridges.
          Besides, regarding customers’ requests, extra filters and more different types of brushes are already under preparing. Customers will be able to purchase more types of accessories after the campaign ends in other retail channels.

  • Couple things:

    1. If you get 2 referrals, remove your link from the referral system page because you will not get any kind of benefit from having more than 2.

    2. There is also a 7% referral, but it is honestly broken. Pretty much you need that person to turn off all adblocking software and any kind of software like that (no incognito mode), otherwise it will not work. I lost a good 14% because they didn't make this known until I tested it myself and saw it wasn't working and had to contact the company.

    • Do you know if we can participate in both referral programs? It's not clear on the page and multiple users have this q. I've reached out to Dreame today but haven't responded yet

      • Yes, you can.

        The other one is using a third party website, so it is fine to do both.

        However, like I said so far had no luck with it and don't want to waste potential referrals for other people who need it.

        I also can't confirm that what the company said was true and it was because of the adblocking software.

  • Has anyone added the mop and brush pack? Would they be useful or are they more a gimmick?

    • Here's a reply from Dreametech on Fb about this mop and brush pack:

      The brush and mop package can be used for all common types of floors, such as hard wooden floor, tiles, vinyl, etc. With the package, users can not only thoroughly clean up the stubborn dust dirt hidden in the wooden floor, but also can easily vacuum and mop the floor in one step to save time. If you have already placed the order of Dreame T20, just kindly click the links below to purchase the add-on perk. *Please note that the add-on perk will be shipped together with your T20. Also you will be able to purchase these extra packages in the official retail channels AFTER the campaign ends.

      and this:

      the brush & mop package includes a soft roller brush, a mop pad and a mop box (water tank). Please kindly find the demo of the mop brush in link below.

      Looks pretty promising! Hope this helps

      • Thanks, decided not to get it for now, can always grab it later once I’ve received the vacuum.

  • I’m keen on buying one with a referral. Is the 7% off for the referrer or the referred?

    • it's for the referrer but after you've purchased it, you'll become the referrer, so you can share your link with others :)

  • I'm keen to know if anyone who has actually clicked on the referral code followed through with a purchase? It's saying I've had 21 clicks on ozbargain (probably more than half of them were me. Lol) and no referral activity in my indiegogo account. I'm just hoping there's no issue with the referral links..

  • I'm curious about something.

    When it says you need "2 backers" does it count if lets say I get a friend to contribute $10 USD, thats technically a "backer".

    It doesn't state in their referral terms what does and does not count as a backer (i.e They need to buy at least 1 perk)

  • I'm so on the fence with this. Do I wait for the V9 to go back to sub-200. Is this really that much better than the V9? Especialy for the extra 160-180 price tag?

    • The v9 is like 2 generations old. You won't find a better vacuum cleaner at this price (especially when its competing very well with the Dyson V11 at $1000+ AUD). The price after official launch will definitely shoot up, so I'd say it is worth it now. Pm me if you have any other questions

  • Has anyone copped additional fees out of their bank after making the initial payments to Indiegogo? Commbank charged me an additional ~$10 a few days later (3% fee)

    Also on a side note, I think my card details got compromised when making this purchase via Indiegogo. Got a random ~$1.50 fee from “Endicia” in California. Seeing posts via Google that they're a scam so keep an eye on your transactions in case.

  • Is the mop head worth an additional USD$88?? I was thinking of getting the USD$298 package with the extra battery - 1 day to think about it…. Has anyone actually received the product yet? Shame the AUD-USD exchange rate has fallen the last few days :(

    • Depends on what you are thinking of using it for.

      We can discuss it further in PMs if you want.

      Just click on my name —> Start a Conversation at the bottom.

    • please see reply here

      you can always PM me about it too (don't wanna flood this thread too much)

  • RIP needed 1 more backer

  • Has something changed for this listing? When I try to buy it, it won't let me put Australia as shipping destination, says its unavailable. Am I too late?