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Xiaomi Dreame V11 Cordless Vacuum $369 Delivered @ Gearbite


Saw this pop up on my Facebook feed.

$30 cheaper than the other day.
Also they have 2 listings for the v11 on their site but only the more expensive one works with the coupon code.

Main Features
Powered by reliable Dreame 125,000rpm Motor ,Dreame SPACE 4.0 High-speed Motor, Suction power up to 150AW
All new OLED HD Display
10 Cleaning Methods, 6 Innovations Suit All Your Cleaning Needs
Aeroplane Standard Aviation -level Motor Calibration Precise to 0.002g14
90 mins Runtime 3000mAh Battery Clean Your house with Ease
12-Cone Self-cleaning Cyclone
5 Stage in-depth filtration system only releases fresh air
Filter Particles as Small as 0.3 Microns

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  • Dont know why my comments are being automatically deleted when they just link to the IndieGoGo page without a referral link. But you should consider getting the Dreame T20 from there (shipping in November)

    • Indiegogo is banned

    • Xiaomi needs crowdfunding to make their products now??

      • I was also wondering this. Is Indiegogo one just using the brand name?

      • They raised like 1000% of their target too.

      • It's a way of them determining whether or not a product should be made by the interest. If there's not enough interest they can scrap the project before they commit to manufacturing. If there's enough interest, then they get enough money to pay the suppliers before the release of the product.

        They did the same thing with their 70mai a800 4k dash cam. I funded it on indiegogo, funding goals were reached pretty quickly and they ended up shipping the product before the end of the campaign.

        The dark side of it is that crowdfunding contributions are not protected by consumer protections so if things go bad and targets are reached but products are not released, ACCC won't help you.

        • A company like Xiaomi does not need crowdfunding, they're a multi-billion dollar organisation.

          And have plenty of tools and resources to gauge market interest without a crowdfunding website…

          • @ILikeBargenz: I've always assumed they're using it as a way to sell globally without "officially" selling to fringe regions and having to go through regulatory checks (CE tick for EU for example, can't find any info on it on the page but I assume it doesn't have it), finding distribution chains, taxes, etc. I assume classifying it as a "fundraiser" with contribution "perks" is a way to avoid that.

            Just speculation on my part. I assume they will also gauge the market response and weigh up whether to engage official distributors for future releases.

  • Sold out! I was told to use the code BestDreame if they get any more.

  • I invested in the new version here ($15 USD postage to AU) . While it could be considered a risk, Dreame have apparently launched all of their models this way. You get it cheaper than this old version plus get a two year warranty direct with them (they never ask you to send anything back to them).


    • Yes I’ve backed 2 projects on Kickstarter and both failed. I only got a refund on 1 so definitely risky.

      • it looks like T20 is prepared to ship for early backers.
        I assume less chances to get failed for this.

      • Comparing projects by actual indie startups vs projects by the Xiaomi monolith is two different kind of risks though.

        With the interest the T20 has received, I don't think Xiaomi would allow delivery failure for the global market since they are still unproven on that stage.

        Disclaimer: I was an early backer of the T20 and apparently my order shipped last week (yet to receive ETA).

    • oh damn, i was this close to buying until I saw this comment. Me wants swapable batteries!

    • My t20 is on its way as I backed early and it has been locked in

    • First kickstarted I’ve backed. If you buy it now, your order will only be shipped in nov. it’s tax free as well.

      • No duties?

        • Yup no gst to be paid on our end. That's because they ship it from china to a warehouse in australia, so the warehouse here pays for the tax. They refresh their stock daily, it ends in 7 days, so get in quick.

          • @Flowerbomb: I noticed the single one is sold out online.. Will that be it or more stock added?

            • @kimba88: Based on my experience stalking the indiegogo t20 website, their stock levels always refresh once a day. So if it's 2 units tonight, I might see 20 units the next afternoon. Your best bet is to wait till tomorrow when the staff get back to work on Monday.

              • @Flowerbomb: do you reckon the t20 would be any cheaper during release in Australia? Also, I heard there's a v12 coming soon? Do you have any idea with the diff between v12 and t20? I kinda impulse bought the t20 for $340 but having second thoughts

                • @skido2: Yeah u made the right choice. When the v12 releases in Australia, it's going to be more expensive than $340, and it might take 3+ months for the v12 to drop to $360. I reckon the T20 will be in our hands early December, so if you need the vacuum for the festive season, i don't see why not, and the price is sweet. The v12 is slightly more powerful at 185AW in turbo mode, but rarely you would need the suction to be that high.

    • How come you could post the link but the other guy couldn't lol

    • I've never heard of indiegogo. I've been trying to read up on it.. From what I can understand, your contribution means a guaranteed shipment of the t20? I've seen someone has commented and said they were unable to receive a refund previously.. Why would you need a refund if it ships? I'm a little confused by this concept. Any clarification would be great. Thanks

      • Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform that brings Users together and allows Users to seek to raise funds for their own Campaigns and to contribute to the Campaigns of others. Campaign Owners can offer Perks to Contributors in thanks for the Contributors' donation of funds.

        What happens if an Indiegogo project fails?
        If your campaign does not meet its goal by its deadline, all your backers will be refunded by Indiegogo within 5-7 business days. Choose fixed funding only if your campaign objective requires a minimum amount of money to be accomplished, and if you cannot fulfill your perks without raising the full goal amount.

        People would only be seeking a refund if the campaign didn't reached it's intended goals. If the item is in the shipping stage then you should receive what you paid for.

        • Thanks for clarifying. So any campaign that has reached their goal will be guaranteed to ship the product? Very interesting concept.

          • @kimba88: There are a couple of duds on indiegogo like the cat litter robot. Looks like an awfully long time to move from research to production. Xiaomi has a new cat litter robot, which might enter the australian market soon.

            • @Flowerbomb: Thanks for the information guys. That's really handy to know! Is there a way to know when good products that will be shipped will be coming up?
              At the moment I've emailed dreame customer service to see if they will be adding more. I also noticed the deal 2 with the battery seems d more expensive than purchasing the individual vacuum and adding the battery seperate at check out. However, the individual vacuum has currently sold out.

              • @kimba88: They have just added more stock for the individual vacuum. Buying the battery separately is $97, in the bundle it works out to be $96.

          • @kimba88: 99% of the time, yes. I have only bought off Indiegogo once before from Ticwatch for the Ticpads Free. And I only did so as they are a known company. Dreame is also quite well known, so it seems like a no brainer. I would be a bit sceptical buying from unknown company.

          • @kimba88: Nope, not 100% guaranteed for every campaign. For cases like this and the 70mai dash cam it will probably ship in a timely manner.

            There have been campaigns that I've backed in the past that have taken years to fulfill and the final products have been disappointing. There have also been times where nothing has shipped at all. It's a risk, although not much of a risk in this case.

    • Thanks for the heads up, grabbed perk 2 off their Indiegogo page. Seems like a decent buy compared to the v11. Swappable batteries is also a big plus.

    • thanks for the heads up - definitely going the t20. BUT my contribution keeps failing - anyone else experience this? if anyone can help a friend out, cheers!

      • I had it fail when the 1st time I tried buying perk 2 with the below message. I was a bit sceptical buying it again when it had already charged my cc. But I tried again and the order went through (got confirmation email) and I wasn't charged a second time.

        You recently contributed to Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Unfortunately we've hit a tiny hiccup – your contribution was unsuccessful and we didn't charge your card.

        If you still want to contribute to Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, there’s still time. If you have any problems with your contribution, please reach out to Customer Happiness at any time. You can also check out our help article for troubleshooting common contribution errors.

        • I'd been trying perk 2 as well with add on. tried 6 times, failed 6 times, waiting for their help desk to respond now. thanks anyway!

    • Almost jumped on one but then saw the "mop" capability seems as gimmicky as on their robovacs if it's just dragging a damp rag at the back.
      Thought it might have been something like the Samsung that looks like it actually had a mechanical mopping action.

    • "with 50% more powerful suction than last gen"

      This is their opening sales pitch… This statement is only true if comparing against the v8 (4 generations prior) - 100AW vs 150AW.

      I get that marketing is supposed to try and sell you on a product, but making unsubstantiated claims about performance like this is more than just immoral, it's illegal - The ACCC sues Aussie companies every year over it, for much less than something this intrepid.

      • Precisely why they're advertising on a crowdfunding platform with delivery "perks". I'm ok with that since I think it's the cheapest way possible for them to sell it, but agree with you on principle.

        I would hope anyone looking to order a Xiaomi cleaner off Indiegogo knows enough about stick vacs to ignore the marketing banners and just look at the specs regardless!

  • I love my V9 but I must say the carpet head squeaks and squeals louder than a mouse with a thumb in it's bum.

  • It’s almost twice the v9 price. I will wait for new stock coming in 3 weeks.

  • T20 is the best buy.

  • Bought this yesterday for $399. Now it’s $369…. how to get a refund?

  • What do these compare to re Dyson? I want to buy one handheld but the wife insists on a Dyson however cannot justify $1k for a v11…

  • Hi OP when will you provide v11 with carpet head

    • +4 votes

      Work on it, hopefully soon.

      • will this be sold separately for those who have already purchased? are these essential for use on carpet? i.e should you avoid using on carpet til you have the carpet head?

        for anyone else, is there anywhere else that has these in stock besides aliexpress?

        • +2 votes

          Will sell separately. You can use recent soft roller head at your carpet section.

    • Just buy the newer T20 from the Indiegogo crowd sourcing offer above. The biggest upgrade in the multi us head. You'll save money, get a newer model.

  • Bought this yesterday for $399. Now it’s $369.. how to get a refund?

  • Is there a link to the motorised carpet head?

  • Does this have a motorised head?

  • Australian warranty?

  • I bought V11 this morning for $399 and now its for $369.
    Can I get a refund!?

  • I'm calling it now. Every Australian home must have maybe 8 to 9 vacumns on average based on these posts I've seen lately. Source : something something ABS.

    • I also want to but this V11 one…..but I have 4 handhelds and 2 AC power ones all from Dyson. Make me can't get the V9 for $189 nor the other deal of a similar model for $199……I guess I just have to wait for a couple of them stop working and at the same time some flash sale…can't justify so many vacuum at home….

      • 6 vacuums? how big is your house lol

        • Too much ozbargain…. buy it when they are on special, the old good days when ebay good guys every month or 2 have 20%off and Dyson price can varies from retailers to retailers. End up 3 downstairs and 3 upstairs.

    • 2 robos, 2 Dyson v7's, a Kogan v7, a Ryobi stick vac and an AC Dyson ball vac… I only have 7! This means I must purchase right?

  • For the record. the new T20 is still using the space 4.0 motor. And dreame is releasing their V12 "china" only and has way more performance (space 5.0 motor more attachments etc). Feel free to google these 2 models