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Thanks OP, just bought one to see whether it can withstand strong wind.
29/07/2020 - 21:02
A retailer can make next to nothing for some items and even make a loss on some (promotions/marketing tactics). But they are selling...
20/07/2020 - 04:45
That's Very high hope, if just standard shipping, usually between 60-80 days given the logistics companies and Auspost all overload at the...
19/07/2020 - 22:21
I just got an order delivered today @ 89 days, if it didn't arrive for 25 hours, I can raise a dispute for 90 days money back guarantee
13/07/2020 - 21:13
Looks more like a windproof hoddie
13/06/2020 - 13:21
So does it means you are buying a $700 Giftcard for a discounted price of $600. Bargain of the century 15% off GC!!
05/06/2020 - 10:40
Look at what huawei ceo daughter uses, an iPhone.
29/05/2020 - 07:41
27/05/2020 - 17:11
I literally bought a 1TB Samsung QVO 2.5 internal SSD for $159 from Centre com yesterday to rescue my 8 year old laptop as the boot time...
27/05/2020 - 16:19
No need, just your membership card to the refund area (exit). Computer would have all your purchase records
21/05/2020 - 19:07
Australia as well. I tried it before. Bought something normal price and 2 days later discounted. Get the difference back but apparently is...
21/05/2020 - 17:22
Even if most Dyson parts are made in China, I would still try to buy from Dyson or LG or Samsung etc as no one can ever get away from...
19/05/2020 - 18:16
I thought 20% off all soundbeat true wireless, nearly bought the SoundPEATS Truengine SE Dual Dynamic Drivers only only to find out 10%....
11/05/2020 - 21:25
The only thing is only 1.1L capacity is a lots less than the average kettle. May be good for some but too small for others.
05/05/2020 - 15:26
IMO, Costco ones has way better and more marbling than these few pictures and they are $65 a kg if you have their membership, I think is a...
30/04/2020 - 17:42
Any store in Melbourne?
30/04/2020 - 15:13
You can decide yourself and go ahead to buy them. Even you buy today you may get something made mid last year. Your money, your choice
28/04/2020 - 19:57
I bought these J&J ones, they are absolutely rubbish. If you can find Huggies, I suggest buy them instead. I regret bought J&J 4 packs of...
28/04/2020 - 19:39
I have an item picked up by courier in 20 Jan and is departed Beijing on 24 Apr. 3 months to leave the country.
27/04/2020 - 20:03
They used to be 5 years global warranty and now only 2 years. May be I will check out Davek umbrella as they have lifetime warranty.
26/04/2020 - 19:27
In Vic, if you get pull over by the police riding one, anything go over 10km/hr (which is ridiculous as a $100 kids one could get 12km/h)...
22/04/2020 - 18:35
Just bought something! Thanks OP
16/04/2020 - 16:41
You can choose express delivery for $99 if you don't mind to their away the wrapping and put the legs yourself
16/04/2020 - 00:39
I have the King Cloud I and still going extremely strong (8 years old). The price with leather at the moment is damn cheap seriously. I...
14/04/2020 - 18:25
Not negotiable as far as I know. Whatever the price listed on the website is the price + shipping
14/04/2020 - 18:23
online won't show you all colours, need to go instore. but you can check out the link for all leather they offer...
14/04/2020 - 14:09
I choose VIVA leather as they are nearly double the thickness compare to the other 2 types of leather that are for free upgrade.
14/04/2020 - 13:36
I hope you guys won't be buying them as even governments around the world are returning or disposing the face masks they bought from China...
09/04/2020 - 08:38
OP, I can see there is a note for stopping pick up, does it means only delivery is available? If pick up, is it only CBD? Please confirm....
01/04/2020 - 08:32