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Purchase 3x Years EA Access Subscription US$65.73 / A$92.58 @ Shopto.net (Converts to 12 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate)


Hi OzBargainers,

I am not sure if I should post this as a deal or not but you can grab Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 12 Months for around $92.58 (ING Card) with 3 years of EA Access subs.

I bought 36 months of EA Access from Shopto.net for USD 65.73 (AUD 92.58 on ING)

Microsoft made the confirmation over Twitter, writing, “EA Play members who purchased EA Play through Xbox and join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have their EA Play membership automatically canceled and any remaining time will be rounded up and converted to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.”

I found this on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxSeriesX/comments/jhrfxv/reminde...

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  • Isn't EA access already included in Ultimate now.

    • From 10th of November hence you can get 3 years of EA Access before it joins the GPU and Microsoft will convert EA Access into 1 year of GPU on 10th.

      • GPU

        First time seeing this acronym for Gass Pass. Could cause some confusion for the master race!

  • Does it work for existing ultimate subscribers?

    • Yes, however if you alreday have 3 years of GPU using Brazil hack it won't top it up. Microsoft allows max 3 years of GPU.

  • The reddit post clearly summarises it:
    You can get 3 years of EA Play for around $60, this will convert to 1 year of Game Pass Ultimate on November 10th when EA Play gets added to Gamepass.

  • Couldn't checkout at shopto.net with paypal.

  • Why not just purchase the 12 months Gold Live cards off Aussie retailers. No VPN tricks, easy upgrade.

    • Because 12 months of Gold only converts to 4 months of GPU, so this is a better deal.

      • Actually if you’re a current subscriber, if you let Ultimate expire, you can then do the same trick with Gold - except it’ll charge you $15.95 to convert instead of $1.

    • That would be far better for new subscribers. This is better if you already have a subscription.

      • Just bought gold 36 months via jb hifi.

        Sounds dumb but I load 36 months then somewhere in the xbox dashboard look for a $1 upgrade?

        Don't want to do it the wrong way and stuff it up.

  • Has anyone got a link to that Microsoft tweet confirming this?

    Found it https://twitter.com/XboxGamePass/status/1304151280944906242?...

  • Shopto is asking for a lot of deets for a simple digital delivery. Does anyone know if there is a guest option or can we fudge the personal details?

  • I want to get this but I'm worried I'll break eula and get the account banned. Currently I have GP for pc and (on the same email address) xbox live gold for my nephew as his child account is severely broken, so we had to use mine.

  • What worries me is this:


    When you read the FAQ carefully, it states:

    any remaining time (for EA Play) will be rounded up and converted to the nearest month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a ratio of three to one.

    The table for the answer for one of the questions also matches this.

    Unless Microsoft changes that FAQ page to be 1:1, it is best you don't gamble on this - unless you can get something in black and white that you get 1:1 conversion. It's one thing it interpret a reddit post. Also, when Microsoft did not specify 1:1 conversion in their official twitter post, it is unsafe to assume it is 1:1.

    WARNING: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE confirm it is 1:1 conversion before you start buying EA play. Otherwise, if it is 3:1 as stated in the FAQ, make sure you are okay with that.

  • seems to me the major difference is the lack of expiry on the halo jb cards but that does not necessarily apply to the EA cards

  • Correct me if I am wrong…

    Brazilian "deal" is still cheaper even after the price went up.
    Is it?