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[eBook] Free: Socrates and Plato & Their Essential Tips: for Young Travellers @ Amazon AU / US


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Do You Wonder What Greek Philosophy Was All About? Are You Curious to Find Out?

This book of 3 essays will give you an introduction to ‘real’ Greek philosophy, and demonstrate that it is an important subject for us today - offering many ‘tips’ about how to live our lives in the best and happiest way. The philosophy of Socrates and Plato was not just an ‘intellectual’ subject discussing abstruse or vague ideas; but in great part it was a very practical subject.

Socrates’ essential tip of Know Yourself is the first essay, after which some common themes in Plato’s writings about Socrates are discussed. Plato’s wonderful book The Phaedrus is also explored, giving readers extra insights to this very important and readable book of Plato with its unusual myths, stories and explanations.

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