Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (Global Model) $199 + Delivery @ Matt Blatt / Kogan


best deal was yesterday for $199, but for $11 extra still available at Matt Blat!

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Matt Blatt (Kogan)
Matt Blatt (Kogan)


  • Delivery is $20.99 for me, which makes this $219.99. A popup suggests if you join the newsletter you'll get $20 off your first order of $199 or more, so this should qualify hence bringing it back down to the $200 (or below) mark.

  • Going to wait for the price to hit $178 which I believe was the previous lowest price for the 3H ;-)

  • Lowest was recently $189 at Kogan + AMEX statement credit of $20, with Kogan first free trial, $169 delivered.

  • Looking for the 'Pro' Model at the right price….does not seem to be available anywhere!

    • I was looking at getting the Pro model but it doesn't come with the HEPA filter refer to table here.
      So you would have to spend another $45 to get the HEPA filter that comes for free with the 3H.

      While the Pro model is better for larger spaces it just means it can push more filtered (volume of air) than the 3H in a shorter amount of time.
      I am not sure it is worth the extra $100 price tag when the 3H can do that (give it an extra 2-4 minutes more).

      • Yeah…I am aware of the lack of HEPA filter which I will need to buy separately. However, I am looking at this for my open plan living room and the ability to move large volume of air would be a must.

  • Reviews have said that the low or quiet setting on these is quiet noise: 30+ db.

    • I have the 3H (AU model) and the DBs are as follows

      In a completely silent room and just the Purifier on and standing 1 meter from it:

      Mode DBs
      Night 34
      Level 1 35
      Level 2 54
      Level 3 60
      Max (Custom) 64

      The actual DB noise even at Level 2 (DB level is considered "normal conversation volume") and for me I could sleep at that DB level with the 3H placed 3-4 meters away.

  • Do you think this will go on sale during Black Friday?