[Waitlist] Earn up to US$59 in (COMP) @ Coinbase Wallet App


A while back Coinbase Earn gave us an intro to the Compound (COMP) token and platform giving us the opportunity to earn $9 in COMP. details and answers to the quiz was provided in this link:

This new one appears to be an extension of that series. No quiz or videos this time. This one is a $10 task based item that requires users to have the Coinbase Eth wallet. once you have completed the task, you can share the referral link to earn an extra $40 in COMP.

I've successfully completed this learning now so take a look at the summary steps below for more details:

Click on one of the referral links provided below to go to the Earn page. you'll click to start the tutorial and will be faced with a few simple click through pages. You will need to have a Coinbase Wallet linked to your Coinbase app.To connect your Coinbase account to your wallet app click on the cog on the bottom bar and complete the connection in the "Connections" section. Follow the steps on screen and provided your wallet is linked when you click on the "ready to earn interest" page you will see a page which indicates you're going to receive funds in your Coinbase app wallet. The next few steps are all done through the app but include info on the earn screen as well to help guide you along.

Below are the steps in Coinbase Wallet APP:
- Check your funds have arrived (Takes a few minutes) and then click on "Earn interest on your crypto"
- Select USD Coin from the list
- Choose interest earning provided (Compound) and click 'continue'
- Select the full amount and click 'continue'
- wait for a few mins
- You should see it show up now the balance
- When you go back to the main screen you should see the equivalently Compound token in your wallet.

At this point check the main earn screen in Coinbase App, you will need to click for the earn site to verify the process was complete. Once it is you'll see "You've earned $10 of COMP".

Done! You get to keep whatever ETH is left in your Coinbase wallet app and plus you get the bonus $10 COMP into your Coinbase account immediately.

Referral Links

Referral: random (685)

Referrer and referee both get USD $10 after referee purchased USD $100 of Bitcoin.

COMP: random (47)

Invite up to 4 friends to get $10 in COMP for each friend who completes a lesson. Referee gets $10 in COMP for completing lesson.

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