Escalation Point for AliExpress Disputes


Does anyone know of an email I can contact Aliexpress on? The only emails I can find have auto responders telling me no one will read my email.

A seller took forever to send my order, which is fine however the tracking number they provided is clearly false. When I pointed this out to them they wanted to refund me via paypal but I asked them to refund via Aliexpress which they refused. I put in a dispute and Aliexpress keep telling me to wait.

The tracking is below, 2 problems here… 1st I placed the order on the 15th of September, 2nd I don't live in New South Wales.

Any suggestons?

2020-09-14 09:31
TREGEAR NSW, Delivered

2020-09-14 08:14
EASTERN CREEK NSW, Onboard for delivery

2020-09-10 14:13
SYDNEY NSW, Arrived awaiting clearance (Inbound)

2020-08-10 13:22
SHENZHEN (CN), Cleared and awaiting international departure

2020-08-10 08:56
SHENZHEN (CN), Cleared and awaiting international departure

2020-08-09 21:02
CN-, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)

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  • i thought you're not meant to email them, and just deal with the resolution process? if that doesn't work, maybe chargeback on your credit card?

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      The resolution process just keeps getting delayed 10 days. Aliexpress steps in, clearly doesn't read my comments then sides with the seller. Online chat is the only support I can find and they can't help.

  • Not good news, but that exact thing happened to me and I lost my money. AliExpress sided with the seller pointing out that the item was delivered and asking for proof that it wasn't. That proof being impossible to obtain, I left negative feedback on the seller which was all I could do.

  • Bought a couple of stickers from the same shop in AliExpress. Didn't opt for tracking and didn't receive the items. Lodged a dispute and ended up with reimbursement for 1 item only. Not happy with the result but couldn't find an escalation point. Cannot leave a negative feedback either.

  • In your dispute history point out that seller must have put another Australian tracking number. You live in a different state which is xxxx miles away

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      Yes I have made that very clear. They don't seem to read it…

      PLEASE LOOK AT THE TRACKING I HAVE UPLOADED. Blue = It was sent 2020-08-09 THIS IS ONE MONTH BEFORE I ORDERED RED = It was delivered to TREGEAR, NSW. I live in a different city and state

      I have over 300 Aliexpress orders on this account so you'd hope they'd read what I have to say.

  • I used live chat the other day, tell them you are calling about dishonest seller

    • Thanks, I just did the chat. Typing dishonest seller gives you the option to chat with an agent straight away which is handy because otherwise you get stuck in the automated crap.

      Anyway I got the same answer, its been escalated and they will look tomorrow. I threatened bank dispute, they didn't care.

      The reason I am not just going for the bank dispute is I donno what this will mean for future aliexpress orders.

  • I thought aliexpress doesn't use Paypal?

    • Correct - OP was asked by the seller to accept a refund via PayPal (which is not the AliExpress way of doing things).

  • You're going to have to wait unfortunately. The 'refund via Paypal' approach is decoy, so don't go for it. See this discussion from a few days ago.