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Estilo Prime Plus Mobile Massage Chair $599 Delivered (Was $599 + Shipping Fee $30 = $629) @ Breo


If you click the "Facebook Messenger Box" on the site (Under the Add to cart button), you will be sent an additional discount code -> 5%off offer, orders over $300. The final price of Estilo Prime Plus will be $569.05.


  • A Greater Massage Experiencer
  • Deep Tissue Experience
  • Ergonomic Roller Design
  • Combined Massage Therapy
  • Enhanced Roller Positioning
  • Improved Acupoint Targeting
  • 3-Point Simultaneous Massage

Input Voltage: 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power: 60W
Weight: 8.15+/- 0.5kg
Packing Dimension: 870(L) x 250 (W) x 515 (H) mm
Warranty: 12 Months

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  • I’m not seeing a deal here. Sorry

  • Should clarify that it just a FREE Delivery

  • Same model $349.00….. so not a deal at nearly double the price. Award goes to the OP for uploading one of the worst bargains ever posted on here.


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      Thank you for your report. It is not Breo Official seller, they have no more stock for sale, and they do not provide customer service (warranty repair). Their products adapter cannot be used in AUS. We are the exclusive distributor in AUS and NZ. We can guarantee the product quality for our customers.

      • Regarding the warranty , it looks like it gets shipped from New Zealand , does that mean that if there is a warranty issue , the customer needs to send back to you in NZ?

  • so was $599, now $599

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    This is far from a bargain, even at $569.05 after jumping through tick boxes.
    Please don't just spam like this.

  • Thanks….bought a half dozen for the TV room.

  • I got the Renpho one off Amazon which seems about the same thing for about $170.


    • that looks great! do you know how it compares to the similar homedics unit?

      • Yes as a friend has a Hometics back one. It’s better than hers which doesn’t have the neck part (but maybe Hometics do have a model with a neck bit). The quality is every bit as good.

  • Spam. No bargain listed here..


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    Since our foundation in 2000, our R&D department has been inspired by traditional Chinese medicine theory with our global customer’s needs in mind.

    Since then, the Breo team has expanded to help spread our mission of assisting people of all kinds, in all places, to relax. As a result, our portable massagers have become one of the most popular wellness products around the globe. In addition to our 200+ person team, Breo has over 100 storefronts and we operate in over 60 countries including the United States, Australia, Korea, and Japan.


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    You’ll notice something special about Breo portable massagers. Everything is thoughtfully curated, including the materials we have chosen for both experience and aesthetics. Our user interfaces have been designed for easy use no matter your age or background. Our priority is quality and ease of use above anything else.