5G on Phones. Is It Really That Important to you & why?

Not once have I been out and about and thought, wow my 4G connection could be a tad bit faster.

Any time I tried speedtesting on my iPhone using 4G, I never get a connection slower than 100mbps down and 20mbps up and sometimes even well over 200mbps down. My only wish is that they'd put more cell towers in some areas.

For those with experience with 5G, is it really that much of a game changer? Especially considering how much it drains your battery. Did your life change after you went from 4G to 5G?


  • My Samsung S20 Ultra can't seem to pick up any 5G towers even if I'm in a 5G zone. Having 5G enabled drains your phone significantly and won't last the whole day. I've ended disabling 5G since I can get a 200mbps connection depending where I am.

    • Yep Your phone keeps searching for a 5G connection
      For best battery performance setting data to 3G is best if you dont mind the slightly slower speed

  • I have a good 5g coverage in my apartment and can tell you it is really a game changer. In the morning I am getting double that numbers.


    Edit: I am now planning to downgrade my NBN subscription since me and my wife both on telstra 150gb

    Location: Wolli Creek NSW

    • Game changer in what way? If you have good 5G coverage where you are, I am assuming that the 4G coverage is probably just as good. Is there any real difference in day to day use with 4G vs 5G? Especially when you're already at 100-200 mbps with 4G?

      My home connection is 50/50 up down and have found that its been more than fast enough to do everything without anyone complaining about speed.

      • Just like the feeling of watching 4k vid without the interruptions. P***hub premium makes more sense now. Can easily fast forward to exact act that I like. Too easy.

      • All the porn a man could ever want. You haven't lived until you've watched thousands of porn videos at 1000x speed in a day.

    • What benefit does this bring to phone usage? A single 4k stream is about 25Mbps, so unless uploading/downloading large files I can't see a huge benefit.

      5g seems to me to be the most over hyped technology I can remember.

      I view it more as a benefit to people who can't get gigabit connections at home, and use it as a home internet replacement.

    • Again, just telling my experience. By the end of the day. Still your decision. I have the resources, why not utilise it. Have a great day. :)

  • With data caps still being a thing makes 5g kina useless, the lower latency helps with gaming for example but other than that the data caps are the limiting factor imo that makes it not much of an improvement over 4g for this reason i own a 4G S20+ instead of spending the little extra on something i wont use at least for the duration of this phones lifetime.

    Plus i have Unlimited NBN at home.

    • With data caps still being a thing

      Massive competion creates a situation where customers are severely ripped off yet again making a complete mockery of neoliberal economic theory again.

    • I agree it's a bit redundant right now, in the future though data caps will only get higher and there will be more ways to use the data.

  • My only wish is that they'd put more cell towers in some areas.

    I'm guessing for telcos the question is, if the technology is moving to 5G, they might as well put in 5G instead of older generation technology?

    is it really that much of a game changer?

    Technology isn't just about now its about the future. During the dial up age, many websites seemed to be quite fast as they were largely built for that speed (at least the sites I went to). With the increasing use of streaming, technology, Business online, Working digitally, IOT and the fact that other countries are also looking at the same thing. 5G could be become obsolete in many, many years time. But at least it won't be as soon as say 4G for example.

    I think what you're more eluding to is the 5G buzz though, I do think that now we have this new thing coming in, telcos and phone companies want to take advantage of it for $$$. Its just typical business though, if not this, then something else. I personally won't need it until maybe a phone generation or two down the track. And I don't see a huge difference in the current day to day use of my phone as long as I'm at least on 4G.

    But the fact I'm seeing possible online broadband at 5G unlimited for some telcos makes me wonder the direction of Australia and their usual internet lines/impact on mobile technology.

    • Yeah definitely just referring to the buzz right now. I don't think it will change the way you use your phone. In the case of home wireless broadband utilising 5G, I can see how it could be good, but on a phone? How fast of a connection do you need to do the most intensive thing on your phone?

      Also in terms of technogolical advancement, I definitely understand why 5G is the right move, of course we want to push further.

      Just curious to see people's opinion from a consumer point of view.

  • 5g is important because it may help drive down the price of the 4g plans.

  • 5G is vitally important because of the reverse-placebo effect.

    It drives loonies nuts and gives them COVID symptoms.If you're in a 5G zone expect them to move away. This will boost the average IQ of your suburb.

  • Important for the future? For sure.
    Important right now? Nope.

  • 5G is massive hype for slightly faster 4G. There is little use for it eg. Telstra stupid farmer sensors sending a few hundred bits every hour can work on 4G. Or 3G. or 2G.

  • Telstra want another $25 p/m for 5G from me, if the new iPhone 12 was a bluetick phone i would get one and 5G plan, but no one can tell me why they are not, and if reception will be better than the 11 series now with the Qualcomm modem.

  • maybe important in the future, but right now, i always turn it off for extra battery.


  • 5G: you need it so you can get your Facebook and Instagram streams faster. You know time is money.

  • I want 5G just so I can tell random boomers that I have 5G and watch them recoil and run away in fear.

  • Of course it is. What is the point of having the world's fastest phone if you're throttled by 4G internet. 5G makes a lot of sense and is probably overdue.

  • It's important so that new adopters use it, freeing up 4G bandwidth for everyone else.

    Can't see a use case in 2020 for it for consumers, but as said above, there will be applications that end up requiring that level of bandwidth, but with low penetration they aren't built at the moment.

  • 5G is dangerous to everyone including aliens

  • Happy with just consistent 50mbps regardless of 4G or 5G. Got no real use case for speed faster than that for a phone.

  • It’s not about the G it’s about the usefulness. In a couple of years we won’t be able to live without it just like the first broadband generation and all the other things that faster speeds demand on all platforms. God help us with NBN keeping up though.

  • I don't care what G it is, just want low fee and fairly stable speed.

  • What 5G? Are you sure you are getting 5G? There are a number of interpretations and equally confusing marketing ploys revolving the Monica 5G.

    Your new iPhone is not a true 5G device. There is no true 5G in Aust, thanks to the West boycott of the far superior Chinese TRUE 5G hardware.

    As is, currently you are offered 4G dressed as lamb. Research the facts.

    Possibly next year mmwave TRUE 5G will be rolled out.

    Your new iPhone will be rendered worthless

  • Not important for me at all.. I'm in a 3g area lol

    • You're lucky. I'm in an SMS zone. If I want voice I need to turn on WiFi calling. But the government won't designate us a Blackspot because we're "well served by commercial providers".