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Asus Prime B450M-A mATX Motherboard $109 + Shipping or Free Store Pick Up @ Umart


Asus Prime B450M-A mATX Motherboard $109 + Shipping or Free Store Pick Up At Umart

*Fan Xpert 2+: Flexible controls for ultimate cooling and silence, plus GPU-temperature sensing for cooler gaming
*Ultrafast connectivity: Supreme flexibility with USB 3.1 Gen 2 and native M.2
*ASUS Aura Sync header: Onboard connector for RGB LED strips, easily synced with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura Sync-capable hardware
*5X Protection III: Multiple hardware safeguards for all-around system protection

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  • Does this board disable any SATA ports when using an M.2 NVME? I know I can look at the manual but I'm at work atm :(

    Edit: Just saw this on the product page

    2*The M.2 Socket shares bandwidth with the SATA_5/6 ports, and therefore the SATA_5/6 ports cannot be used when an M.2 device is installed.

    So sick of trying to find an mATX board with min 6 SATA ports that doesn't share bandwidth or cost $400…

    • Just buy a budget X570 board, it will have plenty of spare PCIE lanes for you to play around with.

    • If you require 6x SATA and M.2, perhaps an option would be to use an m.2 PCIe expansion card such as these


      I'm not sure if this would have any other compromises however. I know some boards disable a PCIe slot if the on-board M.2 is in use, for example, although that wouldn't appear be a problem in this situation.

      • That's definitely an option that I'll consider. Will need to make sure I can fit a GPU with it too.

    • ASRock x570m pro4 for ~$270 has 8 Sata 3
      Doesn’t that meet your criteria?
      I’m looking for something similar and I think this is where I’m headed

      • Yeh, it does although it's at the very top end of what I'm willing to pay for a mobo going in a home server. Ideally didn't want to spend more than $150 - $200.

        • Sounds like we are undertaking similar builds. I’m certainly no expert, but isn’t the alternative using SAS cards? I started with the intention of building a dedicated NAS, but I’ve now decided I am better off with a system I can use for video editing / rendering with large storage capacity and will use it as a media server at other times - I realise this is overkill for the latter but it’s probably going to suit my requirements and it won’t be an always on solution.

    • While I do somewhat understand your pain, I think if you're buying a $109 motherboard, it's pretty safe to assume you're not going to need the whole array of SATA ports…

      • Why wouldn't I? I don't want to pay the extra for fancy features that I won't use. All I want is a budget motherboard with 6 sata ports and m.2 that doesn't share bandwidth. I shouldn't have to pay $300 for that.

  • Pay extra $15 get asrock steel legend