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70% off all 361 Degrees Running Shoes (Free Shipping) @ 361 Australasia


Take 70% off all Mens and Womens Running Shoes!

Free standard postage Australia wide. Sale ends Sunday!

Mens and Womens Strata 2 Running Shoes (RRP: $249.95) Now $74.99

Womens Spire 3 Running Shoes (RRP: $229.95) Now $68.99

Mens and Womens Sensation 3 Running Shoes (RRP: $199.95) Now $59.99

Mens and Womens Spinject Running Shoes(RRP: $169.95) Now $50.99

Mens and Womens Optimus Running Shoes (RRP: $169.95) Now $50.99

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361 Australasia
361 Australasia

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  • Anyone used these before? I had a quick look at couldn't find any reviews easily.

  • OP I overpronate which ones should I be buying?

    • Strata, Optimus or Sensation have dual density support for pronation

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    Any physical stores that stock these shoes ? Hard to commit to buying these running shoes, especially at the non-discounted prices, unless the quality and ride quality can be assessed on foot.

  • Hi OP, I have a wide foot and find the wide toe box in Reebok Nano's quite comfortable. Anything you can suggest to try out?? Thanks!

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      The Strata and Sensation are both a wider 2E fit

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        Thanks. I bought a pair. I'm not a runner so these should be more comfortable than a pair of Chuck's to walk in.

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    Probably change it to "Free Shipping"

    Free Freight won't get as many clicks

  • This Vs Adidas ultraboost?

    • Closest match would be the Spinject as a neutral support with soft cushioning

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    Thanks OP.. Bought one.. they look nice and comfy shoes.. will give a try

  • OP, how is the size compared to Adidas? If I wear size 10 Adidas, what size should I choose? Thanks.

    • They should be true to size. Just double check US or UK size, the website lists US sizes

  • Hey OP. I have a narrow flat foot and usually wear size US11 Mens Nike's. Which model do you suggest for running?

    • Optimus or Spinject are both a D width. They’ll be a more narrow fit

  • No Paypal payment method?

    • Sorry the paypal method was down, it is now active again

  • Which women's shoes would be suitable for a foot injury that requires arch support and a pronated foot?

    • I’d suggest the Strata or Sensation

      • Thanks!

  • I am a neutral runner and purchased the spire 3 for around $60 a few months back. They stood up well on my 9k runs. Impact absorption not on par with asic Nimbus but no foot or knee discomfort. Wear was good but eyelets have no reinforcement so noticed they were starting to tear after a while but I do like my laces tight. For $50 might give the spinjects a go.

  • $70 is getting dengerously close to A brands on specials (Mizuno).
    50 is cheaper, so may be worth a crack.
    What's the expected milage? Will they last at least 600-700k?
    What's the fast shoe with less support and cushioning?

  • Whats the difference between sensation 3, spinject and strata 2 ?, what's the best shoes for exercising and outdoor stuff ? Thanks you.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.. just got mine today.
    1. Fast delivery
    2. Good price
    3. Good quality
    4. Very comfortable
    Reminds me of my old asic shoes

    • Interesting! The status of my order has yet to change from when I initially purchased. Did you receive any updates?

      • I only received confirmation from the seller (invoice), then followed with notification from AusPost.

      • Same as my order, got the invoice email but nothing since, so i dont even know if they have been shipped.

  • just received my pair, these shoes are amazing. i want to buy 2 more at the sales price.

  • OP please do another sale soon :)

    • We’ll try to do another before Christmas, keep an eye out

      • if you have women size 5, it would be great. I will definitely buy for my wife as well.

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