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Spalding 52" NBA Fadeaway Basketball System $599 (Was $799) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Rebel


Solid price for a proper good quality system.


Competitive and recreational level basketball system
52" Acrylic backboard
Arena slam breakaway rim offers superior rebounding
ACCUGLIDE infinite lift system lets you safely and securely adjust the height
Height adjusts from 2.28 - 3.05m
208 litre base can be filled with sand or water for excellent stability
5 year warranty on the backboard
1 year warrant on the pole and base

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  • I was like what ball is 52 inches o.O haha

  • Thanks, had a $150 gift card, kids will enjoy

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    I really like to throw down slammer jammers. wonder if this would hold up..

    • Will be fine with a breakaway rim. Like with any portable system, I probably wouldn't hang off it though lol.

  • spent a couple of hours one xmas eve assembling one of these darn things for the nephews - give yourself plenty of time :?)

  • How does the quality compare to other backboards?

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      Acrylic is the second best in terms of true bounce off a backboard. It is softer than tempered glass, which provides the better bounce. The benefit of acrylic is it won't shatter, but due to being softer, it can scratch easier. Polycarbonate boards rank 3rd in terms of bounce and noise.
      As far as a portable glass system, unless you find a no-name brand (which means you risk poor base/pole quality), you are looking at the spalding 'the beast' system which goes for $1500 (or more) + delivery.
      I've been looking for a basketball system for around 3 months, and had 'the beast' come on a good sale I'd consider it. But this system at this price is nearly a no-brainer if you can afford it, as you get a sturdy system which provides minimal wobble, acrylic board, break-away rim for dunking and truer bounce, plus a brand name system from a good retailer.

  • FYI: In my experience, the Spalding warranty is really good and hassle free. I claimed a crack in the polycarbonate sent a pic and received a new board within a week. I also claimed the bent pole for height adjustment and got one of those too. Both sitting in the garage for about a year until I really need to install them.
    I do not have this exact model.

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    How is this compared to the Vuly freestanding at $1199?

    • From how the structure of that vuly system looks, I highly doubt it would perform anywhere near as good as this. Considering it is also double the price, avoid. Only judging off the picture though, I've never seen one or read a review on one.

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    Standard Shipping $149.99

  • How to go about picking this up? I expect it to come in a few boxes… will I need a big car or trailer? $150 shipping is a killer.

  • I think Rebel do delivery and installation for a combined price of about $200. Sure saves a lot of time

  • It was a pain in the ass to put together on my own, but a very solid system once assembled. Might need to chuck some bags of sand/soil on top of the water-filled base as it feels quite top-heavy.

    • How the heck did you do this on your own? My old man and I spent far too long getting the 3 pole pieces together (was way too tight, but got there just about in the end).
      System works so perfect though, height adjustment is easy and smooth and nearly no wobble. I feel pretty confident in the water weight at the bottom, but hiding bags of sand between the pole and rebound wall seems a good idea.

      • If I had to do it again, I would get someone to help me. It took me roughly about 6hrs in total and I almost dropped it right at the very end trying to get it upright when it was fully assembled!!

        Yep, those 3 square posts are a biatch to join. I spent like an hour trying their bounce method to get the bottom and middle posts together, but I couldn't get the last few millimetres in. I ended up just I laying it on the ground against the brick wall, with large blocks of wood on each end, and tapped them in with a 10kg gym plate (a sledgehammer would have been easier). Gave it a few good bashes and they went in easier - did the same with the top post.

        I have one of those adjustable height ladders from Costco and used it as a sawhorse to rest the pole on. Also used one of those long outdoor foldout tables from Bunnings to lay the backboard on so I could mount it onto the adjustable arms and also mount the ring. The only time I climbed up the ladder was to put the net on.

        I've got the base filled with just water. It's quite windy tonight here in the SE suburbs of Melb and it seems to be holding up quite well.

  • Deal expires today and want to get one but wondered if there are better deals in the Cyber Friday sales?

    What do you think?

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      I set it up and it is so good. Highly recommend as it's very stable, minimal wobble if any at all, easy to adjust and a great price. Plus acrylic provides great bounce whilst being shatter proof, key for outdoors.
      Absolute pain in the arse to assemble the pole (mine was anyway) but outside of the initial build its perfect.
      You COULD get a better deal in cyber Friday sales, but you risk missing out on this for the chance to only save a small bit more. A 25% discount is pretty significant IMO.

      • Awesome. Thanks for the insight. For an extra $140, I opted for delivery and installation

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          Great option on the installation. That part is an absolute pain in the arse. Lol

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