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NetGear Orbi RBK50 - AC3000 Whole Home Tri-Band Wi-Fi System - nbn Ready $499 + $19 Shipping @ Device Deal


NETGEAR Orbi RBK50 AC3000 Whole Home Tri-Band WiFi System - NBN Ready.
Australian Version Model# RBK50-100AUS. Local Stock & Warranty.
Limited time sale, ends tonight.

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  • Same price at Amazon AU after factoring the cost of shipping.

  • It may qualify as a 'currently best' price. But this is indeed the most expensive occurrence that this product has made its way here.

  • I'm still looking for a router that easily supports gigabit and 20 - 30 wifi devices. Any recommendations?

    • Virtually anything

      Problems start to arise if you need a bigger area covered, which is where a mesh setup comes in.

      • Nah, so many reviews on Whirlpool for routers that aren't keeping up with gigabit speeds.

        This is a list they recommend but it's just so overwhelming the amount of options especially when I don't know 100% what I need at this point


        • While I like Whirlpool, you'll predominately hear people complaining if there's a problem… it's not symbolic of the vast experiences out there, they do have a nickname for a reason.


          • @scuderiarmani: What's the nickname? lol

            Budget is 250 to 300. Happy to push towards 350 though, mayyyyyybe 400

            • @nurries: Whingepool :)

              The ASUS AX Routers aren't bad, though I've had awful experiences, but maybe it's more my FTTN but I doubt it as other devices have been better inc Telstra Modems….

              Google Wifi is very stable, 99% of the time excellent, though some updates have been a pain in the ass.

    • That's a lot of devices. I think it's safer to look for business grade routers, like the RBK60.

    • Jump on board the Unifi bandwagon. Get a Ubiquiti Dream Machine

      • From the 10 minutes I've spent looking it up and reading reviews, it looks really damn good. I love that it's apparently not "grandma setup" friendly which means it will have some nice advanced features. I think this definitely falls in the prosumer category which is what I'm chasing.

        • I bought one and its oversight over my network and my 50 connected devices is fantastic.

          It is slightly addictive to upgrade and I bought an AC-Pro and an outdoor mesh AP.

  • wow… $520 shipped. If this can be considered a deal, that's sad. I bought mine for $299.

    • Yeah, I also paid $299 for mine last year. Is there any good deal for the satellite only? I need one more for my mesh network.

      • +1 been hunting for an additional satellite deal!

      • Same here…… REALLY happy that I got it for $299 from Wireless1. Looking for a satellite as well and hoping that Gumtree might have something at some point

      • +1 vote

        I ended up buying a full set RBK50 off eBay and on sold the router…

      • Nah you can't purchase the RBS50 by itself anymore.

      • Count me in for a Satellite deal. eBay and Gumtree are full of people buying up kits and splitting out the router, which is basically worth nothing by itself (as it's a Mesh wifi…)

    • Same, $500 was normal price 2 YEARS ago.

      I got the RBK50 pretty much exactly 2 years ago for around $330-$350ish

      • -2 votes

        it's different now, there must be a reason why all retailers are selling for a higher price nowadays. We are offering the best deal on this popular product now :)

        • Barely, I bought the SRK60 (Business version) in July 2018 was $550 for a Dual kit (Router and Satalite)

          (you have them for $670)

          It was a great system Indeed…. they added Ethernet backhaul support. but then after that they went downhill with their firmware updates..
          the datamining that netgear does now, that you cannot turn off (EVEN ON A BUSSINESS ROUTER, WHICH I SPOKE TO THEM ABOUT) I sure as shit would not pick this model up again.

          same thing happened with the R7000 Router netgear had, when it came out. $150, then after a year it was 300.
          (not from you guys, just on average)

          I don't feel like this is a deal, and caution to anyone buying these Mesh units with newer firmware.

          My stuff is now PERMANENTLY connected to the cloud due to this change and its BULLSHIT. (and blocking the addresses causes the router to fail and constantly reboot, it requires an always on connection)
          (was on residentual stuff to begin with, then moved into the business stuff)

          Edit: Corrected link

        • Incorrect. Amazon Prime is offering the best deal.

  • Watch out for the shipping charge on click and collect. Check your order before completing transaction.