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½ Price Quilton Gold 4 Ply Tissues Aloe Vera 100pk $1.10 @ Woolworths


Not sure if already been posted but saw these at Woolworths townhall Sydney, not sure if nationwide.

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  • It’s nationwide, thank you!

  • Get in before they expire!

  • I think this is the cheapest I have seen a 100pk box of tissues of any ply please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Edit - my mistake there was the Amazon subscribe and save for 12 x 95pk 3ply for $10.80 (or $0.90 per box).

    • Woolworths brand are 224pk for $1
      $2 shop is cheaper too. Serene polar boxes of 180pk for 85c. My preferred as they're softer than homebrand, and made in aus.
      Buy in bulk by the carton (36) for even cheaper

      • I like the Woolworths one and the other budget ones for general use. But some of them, not for the face, though, as I can detect a smell I find rather unpleasant. The same goes for the Aldi Confidence (the cheaper range, not the 3 ply range). The Symphony 3 pack brand is the same. Clearly, not an issue for everyone, which is good for them - my friend uses it as serviettes.

        I have not tried the Serene polar ones before. Will give that a try.

        • They're decent. Not as 'luxurious' as the better brands, but a comfortable cheap option. And easy to find it most $2 shops. If you go through a lot, the carton deal is pretty good. You can find them on places like gumtree and facebook for $25-$30. But at the end of the day, it is just tissues, and you're only saving/losing a very small amount.

          My goto now is actually the Sorbent Hypoallergenic link

          If you get them at half price, they work out as pretty close to the Serene Polar. Plus the advantage of being able to combine into a woolies shop. Plus 10% discount from mobile, and another 5% from giftcards.

          • @outlander: Thanks, I will check out $2 shop for the Serene polar ones.

            Yes, Sorbent Hypoallergenic is my favourite (for face), even better than the Quilton Hypo-Allergenic. Very good value when 1/2 price as you say. Been in lockdown, doing sporadic Woolies delivery - so missed out had they gone on 1/2 price during these last few months. A pity Amazon does not stock Sorbent, only Quilton.

      • Woolworths brand 224 / 100 = 2.24 tissues per cent

        $2 shop Serene brand 180 / 85 = 2.12 tissues per cent

        This deal 100 / 110 = 0.91 tissues per cent

        So this deal is not as good.. Did I get that right

        • Yes, your maths is correct. I tend to use $/100 tissues for comparison, as the shops do. But the same result anyway.

          The only thing to note is, this deal is 4-ply, compared to 2-ply for the other two.
          If equating to 2-ply, this deal is 1.82 tissues/c - not that much more expensive, for the higher quality.

          • @bluesky: Yeah that makes sense sorry I must have been doing a few things at once and didn't put it in $/100 which I should do for universal measurements.

            Woolworths brand $0.45/100 tissues

            $2 shop $0.47/100 tissues

            This deal $1.10/100 tissues (or $0.55/100 tissues adjusted for 4 ply vs 2 ply)