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Riot Wine Co 25% off


Riot Wine Co End of Month 25% sale. Includes all products from Wine to Merchandise.

Riot Wine Co is a label that concentrates on sustainable packaging whilst maintaining a high quality product.

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Riot Wine Co
Riot Wine Co


  • Not what I was expecting. Perhaps talk a bit about your brand in this post.

  • Maybe also list a bargain, a flat % doesn't really mean anything.

  • Example deal might be;

    $93 (24x250ml) 2019 Riot Pinot Noir, down from $124

    Tasting notes: Raspberry and red fruit aromatics. Cherry blossom and plum on the palate. Elegant and silky.

    Free shipping over $50

    compared to Dan Murphys (delivery only - direct from supplier) $123.99
    or $115 at Amazon (one left in stock)

    Riot is a CUB brand SMH Article

    and a bit more information about the canned wine market

    • Because this is OzBargain, that's 8 bottles of wine, equivalent to $11.62/bottle.

      A bit more fun copy would help, and you might prefer to pitch the Rose Spritz (24x250ml) $82.50

      A rosé-based spritzed cocktail with 10 natural botanicals including blood orange, passionfruit and elderflower, with only 78 calories and 3.6g sugar per 150mL serve.

      In true Riot Wine Co style, R!OT Rosé Spritz is made with only the highest quality ingredients to deliver an easy-drinking and refreshing spritz cocktail – and best of all, it’s sustainably made.

      Serving suggestion:
      Best enjoyed poured over ice with a slice of fresh orange or served chilled straight from the can.

      8.0% ALC/VOL
      Approx 1.6 Standard drinks

      • If you do want to spark interest in your brand, might be worth having a look at the deals put out by RD ADL to get a sense of what the Ozbargain community will get excited about, and the kind of engagement you'll get in response. You might also consider the usefulness of an OzBargain specific deal in getting some metrics to management.

        you could tell us why this wine in particular; your vlog tastings would be helpful to describe the wine if you don't have any independent reviews on offer


        maybe considering a mix pack with free shipping; the consumers you're reaching here probably haven't heard of your brand before, and probably won't bother taking a risk on a $80-90 spend for a case they may or may not enjoy. the price point that might have caught me would be $30/8pack (4 mix, 4 spritz) shipped - I'm getting a good value proposition, and you're getting to offer your product to a customer with 20 bottleshops between them and your nearest stockist.

        I'll quit going on about it now, but it's a product format I'm interested in and i was just frustrated that there was so little information to go on in this post. good luck with your next bargain!

  • Their Pinot noir is fantastic.

  • Everyone will be rioting to get their hands on this deal.