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[Refurbished] Sony WH-1000XM3B Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone $239 Shipped @ Sony Au eBay


First post :D, missed the last deal for $203. I think they are worth $239 for sure with 12 months warranty.

Silver model 1 left OOS

Black model 10 left OOS

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  • Not much more for brand new

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      Only if you have an Amex.

      Code TSS100G8738XJFQM gave me an extra $20 off.

      Thanks OP.

      Sony refurb are near new stock.

      • Even without AMEX they are $60 more and if you have access to 8% off gift cards then less than $60 more

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      Yeah looks better but i don’t have amex credit card or unidays account access anymore

  • Should be no 2nd hand ear wax on these vs buds. XD

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  • Been waiting for them to be back in stock for $202. Sad they increased the price but bought a pair regardless. I'm sure they'll drop it again shortly, but oh well :-p

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    Just so y'all know, they send out the 'Wind issue' XM3s in these batches, since they don't officially acknowledge it is an issue.

    Example - not my video but same issue i have from the last batch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCD9grHot20

    • The video you link is for XM4's, not relevant to this or the previous batch

      • it is relevant, it relates to both models, as i said in my previous comment its an example, and you can clearly see i referenced the XM3s in my comment.

        Not sure how you can say it is not relevant to the last batch as i literally own a pair from the last batch which has this issue.

    • Not sure why you're getting negged, this is a genuine issue. I bought a pair when they were $203 and they arrived with the wind issue in the right earcup when noise cancellation is on. It feels like someone is constantly blowing into my ear.

  • +1

    i love how i paid $379 for these like 1.5 months ago before they stone dropped and prices went through the floor. Super duper.

  • I bought a pair while they were $203. When noise cancellation is on there's a constant wind sound coming form the right earcup so it feels like someone's constantly blowing into my ear and it's incredibly uncomfortable. After a quick Google search I found that this is a common issue with these headphones so I would recommend against buying one.

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