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$5 Off ($5 Minimum Spend) using Visa Payment for the First Time @ myMacca's App


Receive $5 automatically on maccas app after using visa

No min spend and appeared on my account automatically

Mod: Previous deal from 29/4 was extended from 30 Sep to 31 Dec. Duplicate exception.

06-Nov-2020 Now requires a Spend of $5 to redeem

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  • What if I only have a passport and no visa?

  • From T&Cs
    use an eligible Visa card to make your first purchase valued at $5 or over in the mymacca's app;

    hmmm…use one of the deals $5+ to qualify from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576694

    Pretty sure you wont be able to use the $5 credit on another daily deal though

    • Did they change the T&C to make min value of $5 for first purchase? Earlier there was no minimum - you could buy a $1 fries offer or $1 Frozen fanta, pay with Visa and the $5 vouchers comes the following Tuesday (valid for a week from there). To use the $5 voucher you will have menu items and cannot combine with app offers.

      • Originally there was no minimum spend to trigger to get the $5 voucher, from memory its been a while like late last year some time the changed it. Was doing the same trick, large fries for a $1 by the next week $5 voucher, then wasnt getting it, checked an old post and someone mentioned it and check the T&C at the time and it was there. So when saw this post T&C was 1st thing i checked. Do not find Maccas very good value for what it is, i prob test with 30 day deal thats $5 or above next month.

  • How long does the voucher take to be emailed? Picked up my order about 30 mins ago

  • Beware that app is flaky. Double check your statement if the app tells you payment did not go through and asks you to pay again. I was double charged recently. Looking at the app reviews, it happened to a few people in the past, and is still happening. No doubt a lot of others would not notice this kind of double payments on their statements.

  • Copied from VISA terms and conditions (https://www.visa.com.au/en_au/visa-offers-and-perks/mcdonald...)

    • download, open, and (if necessary) register for the mymacca's app;
    • use an eligible Visa card to make your first purchase valued at $5 or over in the mymacca's app;
    • wait until a Voucher is made available to you in the My Rewards section of the mymacca's app, which will be within seven (7) days of an eligible purchase; and
    • redeem the Voucher by following the prompts in the mymacca's app to apply it to your next mobile order placed in the mymacca's app and valued at $5 or over.

    So essentially, spent $5 and get $5.

  • Can you use the $5 Voucher to buy another Daily Deal Meal?

  • Wow, I haven't used the app in ages.

    I updated it, and went browsing.

    Saw soft serve cone is now 80c. Last time I remember it at 60c.

    Looked through the old promotion thread and it looks like $5 off cannot be used on 30day deal ( at least going from 30 days / 30 deals in 2019 ).

    • Also just discovered that maccas 24 nuggets has went up from $9.95 to $11.95…

      That would have been a good thing to use the $5 voucher on…

  • Crafty swine.

    Looks like you cannot get multiple $5 off with using different visa cards across different accounts.

  • I never got this, how does it work actually? Tried so many times, no $5 shows up