Hike Dome 2-Person Tent $89 (RRP $120) Compact & Water-Resistant + Shipping (Further 10% for New Users) @ Ark Outdoors


The Hike Dome tent is an ideal hiking tent for every type of camper. It is suitable for two people, with a streamlined shape that provides stability in windy conditions. The tent is compact, lightweight and 100% water-resistant. The seller is based in Melbourne, VIC and ships across Australia. Get 10% off your purchase when you sign-up on the website.

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  • A dome tent has two (or more) crossed poles making, you know, a dome.
    This is more of a bivvy-tent. And at 2.2 kg, hardly lightweight.
    Looks like your legs will be touching the top, which lets water in.

    • Also

      a streamlined shape that provides stability in windy conditions

      Unless the wind changes direction, judging by the shape :)

      that said, looks like a nice tent anyway.

  • -3 votes

    2-Person Tent $89

    2 dwarfs ?

  • How many 8ft tall dwarfs do you know, jv?

  • Would easily fit 2 people. I have a 228Lx132W tent which can just fit 2 people so 230cm wide is plenty.
    2.2kg is much too heavy for a hiking tent.

    • I've hiked with my 2.2kg 2 man tent about 5 years ago. Then I got a NatureHike - love it. But you can hike with this tent.

  • I have an old ALDI one that looks pretty much identical to me. It's been a great tent. I'm 6ft4 and the only time I got wet feet was when I used a 40cm tall inflatable queen airbed. Design is surprisingly good, 2 nice vestibules. The weight would have been unbelievably great - in the 1990's. Sure there are lighter options now like the NatureHike ones but its a great tent that I have enjoyed many times. If I'm car camping with just one of my son's I will use this as it spacious and still pretty compact when packed I have camped many time in high winds (especially after baked beans) and it's been fine. The tent breaths well too.

  • 2.2kg is not a hiking tent. It is also not a dome tent. Hope some of the staff at this store know some stuff about their products.

    • It's not a "lightweight" hike tent, but it can still be a hike tent. It is quite spacious. I have an ultra light $700 2 man tent in my shed from the 90s. It's 3kgs and was considered leading edge in it's day. I used to hike with a 3 man tunnel tent for 2 people back in my younger days. Must have been 4kgs.

      • but it can still be a hike tent

        No way would we let anyone in our group carry that on a multi day walk.

        • Why's that? I've done 4 day hikes with 20kg before. That's not a brag, because 20kg was hard, but 2kg for a tent doesn't seem bad?

          • @beatsntoons: 20kg for 4 days?? Did you have to carry all your water from the start? Otherwise that is really not a good way to go hiking. 2kg for your share of a tent is pretty high.

            • @bigspike: yep. Did that one down in the Torres. Camera gear included :D
              I don't remember the weight of the tent, but it was 11 years ago so can't be that light. It was also a rental, and cheap, so probably still heavy.
              we carried enough water for the 1st day, as there were rivers we topped up at after treatment of the water.