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3.25m/3.8m/4.2m/5.5m/6.0m AUS Aluminium Mobile Scaffold from $564 - QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC + Delivery or Free Pickup @ Yakka Gear


New Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding for setting up a stable work platform.
Steedy v-frame system for quickest assembly.
Lockable wheels for on-the-go workflow.
Lightweight aluminium construction.
Compact foldable system packs away for storage and fits in the car: 1.8m L x 0.74m W.
Fit through doorways.
Individual and multiple available.


*Due to limited stock, please call first to check availability for pickup / delivery in
QLD: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast
NSW: Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Northern Rivers.
ACT: Canberra
VIC: Melbourne

  • Reach hard to reach places by setting up a scaffolding tower for a stable work platform
  • One time only setup and keep going with lockable wheels
  • Quick assembly V-Frame System is the ONLY Scaffolding that doesn't require multiple people to get started
  • 225kg rating
  • Made to Australian Standards and WorkCover
  • Receipt and 12 months warranty


3.25m reachability: Platform height 1.2m, Structure height 1.85m.
Base Toolkit = only $564 inc gst (was $777)

3.8m reachability: Platform height 1.74m, Structure height 2.8m.
Base + Extension Toolkits = only $789 inc gst (was $1,081)

4.2m reachability: Platform height ~2.14m, Structure height 3.2m.
Adjustable Wheels + Base + Extension Toolkits = only $1,093 inc gst (was $1,480)

5.5m reachability: Platform height 3.5m, Structure height 4.5m.
Base + Extension + Tower Toolkits = only $2,074 inc gst (was 2,587)

6.0m reachability: Platform height ~3.9m, Structure height ~4.9m.
Adjustable Wheels + Base + Tower + Extension Toolkits = only $2,378 inc gst (was $2,986)

NOTE: 6.0m reachability setup offers 2-in-1 system, so you separate the tower into two smaller towers.

PLUS save a further 2.75% — see website for info.

Contact info on the website : https://yakkagear.com.au/

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  • From $499 with free delivery for same elsewhere with a quick google search

  • Yay, free pickup!

  • cant see how to get the 2.75% extra off? can anyone else?

  • Perfect for changing those light bulbs in my living room ceiling!

  • +1 vote

    Having used mobile scaffolding on a high internal job I would not want to be doing anything more than a couple of metres on a single width platform.

    I looked a buying my own but ended up being able to borrow from a builder who had plenty to say about the cheapies.

    Ideally you want a system with welded connectors on the cross braces rather than rivetted. No mention of welds here and the images appear to show rivetted.

    • +1 vote

      Not all brands / products are made equal.
      Sounds like the one you bought from wasn’t properly stabilised.
      Mobile scaffolding is the building industry standard and gets work done.

      Yakka Gear’s listed mobile scaffold is properly made 1554 Welding Australian Standards.

  • I'm guessing setting up a ladder on the top of these in order to reach the gutters counts as a bad idea?


      Correct, bad idea.

      The mobile scaffold here is actually high enough to reach a most gutters already with 6.0m reachability.
      Alternatives would be use Aluminium Adjustable Trestles with Planks — also listed on the website.


    No delivery available!

    No locations in Umina.

    • +1 vote

      No delivery? There is for Umina Beach.
      You have to call office for delivery.

      Hope this helps.

      • Your website doesn't allow delivery.

        Pickup only.

        Calling defeats the purpose.

        • +1 vote

          Unfortunately delivery feature isn’t currently available on the website.
          As listed in the description, call the office for availability on delivery.
          Unlike other places, Yakka Gear’s offers delivery for all items including long planks and trestles too.

          The delivery is great value and normally business next day.
          You will be impressed.

          For your location call Sydney office 02 9161 2992.