PC Constantly Mutes

Hi all,

as of a few days ago, the PC Windows 10, constantly mutes itself.

Tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling, changing what APPS can access audio controls etc.

Nothing is working.

Any ideas?



  • Does the system tray show the speaker with the x mark? or do you mean something else, not sure I get your mute experience?

    • yes, it comes up with an X

  • It starts ok then mutes, or no sound ever?
    One thing I've seen is the audio output being directed to a HDMI monitor by mistake. Right click on the speaker icon and confirm the output device for that.

    • Starts fine. Some YouTube clips may play for 5 minutes, then the muting starts every 10 seconds or so. Sometimes it starts straight away after turn on.

      • That just sounds like a bad connection - not plugged in fully or getting bumped

  • What have you done since it started self muting.

    Can you unmute at all or does it always keep defaulting itself back to mute every time.

    Try unplugging and replugging all your audio cables and audio devices like speakers, webcams, microphones and headsets.

    Basically anything that inputs or outputs sound try going back to square one and retry everything again.

    Could be an app or program doing it but you need to list us all your sound related software for us to troubleshoot your problem further.

    • I can unmute and it might play (youtube) or any other kind of audio) for 10 seconds or 2 minutes, then it mutes itself.

      I removed the Webcam and everything else.

      I will unplug the headphones and see.

  • Open Sound Settings, then in Output [Choose your output device] make sure the output is set to whatever you're currently listening to.

    On that same page click 'Device Properties' and also make sure the 'Disable' checkbox is left unchecked and that it's working normally.

    If you're piping sound to an external device such as your HDMI or DP monitor or a DAC (digital to analogue converter) perhaps try a different cable

  • Is something physically pressing a mute button on your PC?

    Are you using audio over HDMI? If so, disable all other outputs. (Right click speaker icon>Select 'Open Sound Settings'>Select 'Mange sound devices'>Click on the disused outputs and select 'Disable' for each of them.)

  • +1

    Did you try contacting the OZBargain tech support department yet? If you need sound for a zoom meeting then put in a ticket for priority support.

  • seems like a sound card glitch. Either software (drivers) or the hardware. Could try older drivers that worked. Had some issues with new realtek drivers a while ago and only got fixed after an update. After trying that, you could try a windows recovery/reset or check the hardware.

  • Do you have a sound card?
    Which headphone jack are you using?

    I'd recommend playing a long youtube without anything in the headphone jack and see if it mutes to rule out if there is dodgy connection there. Otherwise, it's software.

  • I was having similar issues with sound muting briefly then returning, ended up purchasing a Soundblaster USB external sound card.

    A decent one is not cheap but it fixed the problem for me and also improved sound reproduction.

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