A creature above ceiling.. what could it be?

Hi OzBargainers,

For about couple of weeks, I hear a creature above the ceiling in the night time only. I have went outside to see if the sound is coming from the top of the roof but nothing is there which makes me think it’s in between the roof and ceiling.

The sound it makes is rather strange, no sqeuaking or footsteps or hissing. It sounds like a heavy duty plastic bag being dragged around. I have had past experiences with possums and rats (at different houses) so I doubt that’s it.

The sound can only be heard (for now) in the lounge and not from the bedroom.

What would this creature be and what should I do??


  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ATL3PUv5jd0yUMdOVb2BjzttrD...

    Not sure if this will help but it sounds like this. Mainly at 14 sec mark, can clearly hear it

  • Need to find out what you are up against. So torchlight attached to the camera and heads up to the ceiling. Dont forget face mask. Good luck.

  • It's most likely a Takahe based on the sound you posted.

  • It is Halloween soon…

  • Could it be a snake? Just read Python is most active in the night?? 😭🤢

  • If you have access to your roofspace then I guess the best way to find out is to just stick a IP camera in there (with Infrared night vis) that can run off a USB powerbank and then review the footage on SD card from time to time.

  • Your husband is probably ransacking the floor above you, looking for jewels from a botched heist turned murder from decades earlier. When he's up there he surely turns the gas lights on so he can see what he's doing, do you notice a drop in gas pressure on your floor when you hear these noises?

  • Sounds coming from the roof can definitely be creepy. Used to hear what sounded like someone sitting up on the roof boards (it was that loud). Off course I told myself it must've been a rat or bird but never checked. Sounds like it could be a small bird or rat dragging something it's found? Or it does sound a bit like a snake pulling itself across the boards. Best bet might be to have a look in the day for any loose pieces of rubbish in the ceiling that could be dragged around (or blown about by a hole or gap in the roof tiles) or some type of recording device with light attached which I'm sure the creature would check out during the night.

  • Many years ago, there were extremely loud scratching and clawing noises right above me in my room. No one believed me as it was only me that heard it and it usually happened between 2-4am,until one night when it was happening I ran to my dad and dragged him up to hear it. He popped up there the next day and said that spot was tightly covered with insulation and there were no marks or holes. Never did find out what it was 🤔

  • Gargoyle?
    I've heard from people in the know that Gargoyles are active at the moment.

    • In my limited experience they’re generally at their loudest when returning to “nest” just before sunrise.

  • Have a look during the day. Look for animal droppings. That will tell you what it is without you having to face it.

  • La Chupacabra

    • Lol, there has never been a confirmed sighting of a chup in Aus. It’s much more likely to be a South East Asian creature that hitched a ride on a cargo ship, one of those ones that is like a small aswang but don’t take a human form.

      Occam’s razor - the sound of a plastic bag being dragged around is probably just that, a homeless person is probably dragging their stuff around.

      • You're going to want more than Occam's razor when La Chupa strikes. You want Occam's chainsaw.

  • Plot twist: OP has upstairs neighbours.

  • Snake.

    • I'm no herpetologist (thanks Google), but I didn't think snakes made much sound when they moved? They're know for being almost silent, right? It's not like they're dragging themselves along the ground like a turtle or walrus on land, they're actively contracting/relaxing their muscles etc to slither side to side?

      Unless it was dragging something in it's mouth (again, something I didn't think they did)?

      • when the snake grabs possums, rats or mouse it will track them along the ground while suffocating the life out of them.

  • It's October so usually ghosts. Nothing to be worried about. Go back to sleep

  • I reckon that's a snake.

  • Happy Halloween 👻

  • Rat or a Possum.

  • Get out.

  • Thanks for the advice guys.. I don't have a ladder at home so I will go get one tomorrow and check the ceiling out…………………………………… if I don't update, please press F to pay respect.

  • I remember early on in The Exorcist they heard things moving around in the attic.

    Rats or Possum most likely.

  • Probably just a Boogeyman.

  • Most likely a possum.

  • When you get into the roof space you may as well get these from Woolies (https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/765755/mor... ) and let them off in there.

  • Not sure if anyone is interested, the sound stopped recently so I finally found the courage to climb up the ceiling space and found a massive snake skin.