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Sony XAV-AX8000 8.95'' Media Receiver $748.85 @ Ryda


Picked up one of these 9" Sony Media Receivers last night at the reasonable price of $748 from Ryda.com.au with shipping an additional $9.95

I've been keen on one of these the past few months and the price has been fluctuating between the different sites, best I've seen so far and hence why I pulled the trigger!

I plan on using mine for mainly Waze, Spotify and Google assistant via the Android Auto USB link.

Hopefully this post helps someone who is looking for a similar upgrade to their car audio.

Link to the full specifications below;


Edit: As mentioned by CyberBlade, AutoBarn has the same unit currently on sale for $745;

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  • Nice, was thinking of one of these for my car a couple years ago but needed a new dash to fit the double din, this ones single which makes it better.

    Hmm. Might speak to AutoBarn (same model is $745 atm) about a few things to throw in.

  • Beware of android disconnect issues with AX5000. Not sure if fixed in this but drives me mad. Australian distributor advised to to return for refund as no fix available.


    • Had the same issue with Android connect issues, deleted app cache and it fixed the problem.

    • similar issue i had 6 months ago updates the app and it hasn't had a problem since on s20 ultra

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      Original XAV-AX100 had the same issue, it was caused by the USB cable itself.
      You need to use a very short, very high quality cable. You also can't run the cable to a socket and then use a second cable - just use a fancy cable and connect it direct to your phone and the headunit's USB socket.

      You also might need to give the USB connector on your phone a good clean out - the fluff and dust in the socket also causes problems.

      Android Auto won't tolerate any issues at all with the USB connection.

  • Bankstown were doing them for $799 shipped with a reverse camera which is a decent deal if you're going to get a reverse cam anyway.

  • For this price should be wireless CarPlay by now

    • I agree, have the AX5000, wireless carplay and Android auto the way to go

      • But AX5000 has no wireless carplay correct?

        Or are you saying I have the AX5000 and I wish it has wireless carplay?

        • I was agreeing that for the price I would expect wireless.

          • @Bludger: Ahh right. Thanks.

            Can I ask which car did you install the AX5000 on? I am thinking of installing it on my Corolla Ascent 2012 Sedan. Wondering if you have the same car and willing to share picture.

  • anyone have an estimate of idea of install quotes for these ? (understand this varies with model/age, but after a ballpark/your experience). thanks!

    • I am thinking of installing an AX5000. Quotes I have got till now are 300, 250-300 and 350. All inclusive of GST from 3 different stores.

      *Edit: This is including a reverse camera installation too.

  • Got xav 8000 for $675 on special in Autobarn last week + another $120 for install reduced down from $150

    • Hey mate, few questions regarding your install - hope you don't mind answering.

      Did they do install at the store itself? Or someone came over to your place?

      Did you do a reverse cam installation too?