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[Switch] Overcooked SE $6.50 & Overcooked 2 $18.75 @ Nintendo eShop


Overcooked Special Edition and Overcooked 2 at their lowest recorded point for the Nintendo Switch. A great way to start fights with your family and friends.

Overcooked SE @ $6.50 (75% off)
Overcooked 2 @ $18.75 (50% off)

And just in case you didn’t get enough of Overcooked from these two deals, the Season pass is also on sale at 50% off! and includes “Night of the Hangry”, “Campfire Cookoff” and “Carnival of Chaos” expansions.

Overcooked 2: Season Pass @ $12.75 (50% off)

Or, if you wanted to go the “all you can eat” option… (That contains OC2 + all the expansions/DLC)

Overcooked 2: Gourmet Edition @ $31.87 (50% off)

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  • Standing by for comments of:
    “Great game, but it tore my family apart and I now live on the street. Totally worth it. A+”

  • Moving out is 40% off as well (lowest ever price)

  • Playing this with all 4 members of my family is absolute mayhem.

    I've never experienced anything like it.

  • Is it suitable of 5yr old who likes animal crossing?

    • Depends… are they going to play it with their siblings or other family members?

      And it might be a bit too fast paced for a 5yo. I’m an old man with the reflexes of a 5yo and it was a bit overwhelming playing it solo.

  • this has actually bolstered our friendship because we are trying to be the most efficient (as our skills allow!), communicate better, and work around each others' shortcomings. You start to notice who's a good leader and can organise and take control of a messy situation, and who is better at shutting up and just doing the work!
    Have to concentrate hard at times depending on who you are playing with and it can get quite mentally tiring and headache inducing after a while haha, some yelling but no fights yet!

  • Twenty minutes in: "Hey, is this actually fun?", "no", "Didn't think so" > Uninstall and never play again. This is just task stress. That's what a maccas job is for, and they'll actually pay you.