[Price Error] Logitech MX Master 3 (Black) $71.98 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ CPL Online

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Great price on the Logitech MX Master 3. Lowest ever I believe!

Alerted by Prino App that tracks prices for my 28 Degrees purchases for price protection claims.

I bought mine at $128.95 recently but unfortunately different Model # - hopefully the claim goes through anyway. 🤞

Update: 28 Degrees honoured my price protection claim.

Mod 31/10: Price error, orders are being refunded due to system glitch.

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  • rip deal

  • Just placed an order… now we wait for the price error cancellation

  • Looks like a price error to me

  • Ordered one. Got the order confirmation.

  • +1

    Whole website is having pricing error.

  • Fantastic price and mouse. But I have too many mice :)

  • Website is not handling the ozbargin traffic

  • Well that was excruciating, let’s hope they honour the price!

  • Placed an order using the option "Pay on Pickup". Curious whether its a price error or not

  • +1

    ozbargain hug of death?

  • +1

    Order confirmed - $85 with shipping - still a great deal. Website errors galore but be patient and keep refreshing when you get an error message. Hopefully this will not be cancelled as a price error.

  • +1

    Can't even reach the site

  • After 1h of trying, i finally put in an order but no email confirmation. Just hope they dont register it or say its wrong price or oos.

  • I just called up CPL West Melbourne, my order went through (with pay in store option) but they said they don't have any stock at the moment.

  • Price error!!!

  • Excellent, I paid $132 for this mouse 2 weeks ago.
    I could not be happier!!
    Sarcasm detector, red line!!!!📠💣💥🤯

    • Yeah, I paid $140+ at HN last week :-((.
      Good mouse though

      • You would have paid for a different model (graphite model) 97855151582

  • +10

    came here for the mouse, ended up with the prino app… still a win. no complaints. thanks OP!

    • Hi guys,

      I'm so glad that you guys like the Prino app 😊.

      We will work on something to identify these potential pricing error issues. However in the mean time, we need everyone help to maintain the quality of the data. Please report these pricing errors to us via [email protected].

      FYI. We fixed up the data for CPL, those ridiculously low prices do not show on Prino anymore 😉.

  • +1

    Damn, that's a good deal - do not need it, do not need it, do not need it.

  • Think they just pulled the pin on the website, probably confirms those crazy prices were errors

  • Website doesn't work :(
    Too slow and shows some kind of error while adding to cart.

  • Aaaand the old price is back :(

  • Bought one, hope they don’t send me a cancelation

  • lol… completely crashed… missed the deal because I hesitated for 5 min…

  • Would assume price error, but good luck to those that purchase!
    This is a great mouse, best in the master series.

  • OMG hackers DoS attacked out website!

    • +2

      nah just only around 9000 ozbargain users trying to access

  • Called Preston CPL and they said pricing error - cant process

  • +1

    Website destroyed by OzBargain fiends

    • +5

      In the meanwhile, Website is also protected by ozbargain friends, such that no one can place order on wrongly priced items.

      • Schrödinger's bargain

  • I just paid now and got online receipt.

  • +1

    Hm theres a bunch of things at CPL which are priced too good to be true…

    • yeah i was looking at the Dell u2415 as a secondary WFH monitor. showed as 87.xx on the product search page but 339 on the product details page.

  • Only if it's the Graphite colour version instead =S

  • +5

    Guys, it’s a pricing error. Same as the other below cost items.

    They’ve been cancelling orders, so don’t waste your time.

    • OK. Thanks.

  • Price error. There's a 85" display for $130

    • +2

      They might be just running a stress test for the site (?)

    • still good at $130

  • +8

    Got JB HiFi to price match!

    • Nice.

    • Cracking idea.

      Out of curiosity, did they price match including delivery cost or just the unit price?

      • They only match price, not delivery and you have to go in to buy it.

      • Did it in-store

    • +1

      Got a receipt? As they don't stock the black colour.

      • +4
        • +1

          Good stuff, cheers lad!

        • How do I match your price is it simply showing them this receipt in store?

          • @bosanceros: I just called blacktown and marsden park and they said its at "managers discretion" and they didn't match it.

          • @bosanceros: Pretty sure I just got lucky.

  • site down ?

  • Whole website is down now haha

    • +1

      Looks like they pulled the plug. Yoink!

  • Site got ozbargained.

  • I placed an order (and paid with CC), but haven't received an order confirmation email yet.

    • +1

      And only now have seen all the comments that it's a pricing error :/

  • I'm stuck trying to register an account :(

  • +1

    Does this mouse help me click on bargains with precision?

    • +1

      It can even order a RTX 3090 even if its OOS at a good discount.

      • Achievement unlocked = Dealshot

  • +1

    can't even connect to the site lol

  • Didnot get one. On the upper side, CPL probably got enough users to register an account!

  • whole site is down. I don't think the deal is expired per se, but I literally can't get through checkout

  • +8

    Called up a store, angry man said "we are NOT selling the MX master 3 for $71. your order is SCREWED UP"

    • +1

      you're probably the 278th person that rang up the store asking the same :)

      • Eek, I haven't tried calling.. Guess I'll hold tight for a cancellation and refund :)

    • Guessing they're gonna cancel it?

  • I just managed to get through all the steps and placed an order! Order placed at 11am

  • Gah damnit. I was on a 3hr call this morning. I needed this my MX Master 2 is failing.

    • Try placing an order now, it went through for me just then!

      • Thanks, it was working, got to checkout and the page went down. Refreshing…

        • +1

          Yeah happened to me too, refreshed couple of times and eventually got to the final payment stage (VISA Payment). Went through and got order confirmation.

          I doubt they'll honour it, their customer service is horrendous.

          • @agup61: Likewise, I eventually got over the finishing line.

            I've gone with BPAY, they have weird payment options there. Paypal would have been better given the odds of this being a pricing error but whatever I guess…

            • @Click_It: Glad you got there!
              Yeah I always prefer PayPal incase they pull a dodgy at least I've got buyer protection via PayPal. Lets see what they end up doing, waiting for my pick up confirmation.

              • -1

                @agup61: PAID. Then I read the comments haha.

                Had I taken the time to read the comments the price would have gone up so maybe that's good, if they don't cancel.

  • +1

    Site is back up and so is the price… Officially OOS

    I managed to place an order about 5 minutes ago at the reduced price however. Got email confirmation so fingers crossed it's honored

  • Just managed to complete my order but noticed price has changed to $159 now

  • Is there anyone's order actually got cancelled?

  • Weird, just ordered at the OPs price and now the page has gone up to $159 they took my money so :). Cost me under $90 shipped to a Po Box.

    • $87.48 to Newcastle NSW

      Let's see what they do next. Sounds like they're writing up the mass cancellation email as we speak…

      • They have this on the first email "Please be advised that prices advertised online are dynamic and subject to change without notice. Online Orders are not confirmed until full payment is made. Orders which are not immediately paid are subject to price changes without notice"

        And the newest email has "Payment Status: approved "

        • Doesn't apply to me as I have paid it in full.

  • +2

    I clicked. now I'm $77.93 down. I have no idea why. I guess I'm helping to stimulate the economy. Thanks Ozbargain

    • Dont be fooled thinking we are stimulating the economy when this price is much lower than Good Guy Commercial's pricing and is likely below CPL's cost price seeing as its most likely a human error.

      Ozbargainer rarely help the economy when people are selling to us at a loss. Thats not economic activity. We are just a bunch of tightarses crashing company websites and making their IT costs higher.

      • +1

        So you bought one too, right?

        • +1

          I did say that on page 1 and i've plusd the deal to OP. But it doesn't detract from the fact that theres nothing positive to any party here other than ourselves. And possibly Aus Post if you live outside Vic.

      • +3

        well at least the postie gets more work so it's stimulating them, and paying for those 4 Cartier watches

  • +4

    I walked in (Nottinghill) and they said it's pricing error and they don't have physical stock in store (only the supplier has stock). The staff mentioned they will process cancellation/refund for orders placed online. I tried but couldn't price beat with OW due to different model number however successfully placed an order with CPLOnline (+delivery) before they updated the price. If they honour it's a bargain, else oh well.

    • Gotta be in it to win it I guess.

      I don't usually bother with pricing errors but this one seemed an outside chance of being legit.

    • did you pop down to Centrecom down the road for a potential price match as they carry the same version? i was considering it.

    • Lame…

    • +2

      couldn't price beat with OW due to different model number

      OW pricematch is always a scam.

      • Not far off bunnings either..

        Get a credit card with price protection insurance. Save the screwing around.

  • Wow. What a great price. Shame I missed out.

  • +2

    Just out of interest, what do you guys reckon happened to the site to cause the prices to go like this? Check out all the prices on Prino, $7000 screens for $150, $100 gpus etc. All the prices end in random cents and dramatically lower than RRP. Did a cat just walk across a keyboard or is there a massive 'screw up' button they flicked on the back end?

    • +4

      Disgruntled ex-employee perhaps?

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