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[PC] Portal 2 A$2.90 @ Steam Store


Waiting for this game to go on sale again, not the cheapest it's been, but $2.90 is less than a cup of coffee

Note: 32 bit app, not compatible with MacOS 10.15. See here.

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    Fantastic experience for the price. Stellar gameplay, and some top voice acting work too (Stephen Merchant, J.K. Simmons). If you haven't played it already, can't recommend this highly enough.

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      Didn't think they could top the first Portal but was overwhelming surprised.

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    This is a staple of any steam library. No brainer for that price too.

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    Yep. Must have for any PC gamer. Don't miss it.

    If only I could go back in time to experience Portal for the first time again.

    • You can experience it again! Watch your friends play it, have a laugh and accuse them of being “low IQ” when they are stuck. Just never tell them how to solve them, ruins the whole fun!

      I had a blast watching my friend playing Portal in person and there is something satisfying in watching them realize how to eventually solve the puzzle they are stuck on! You can feel their neurons making connections and gears turning in their brains from a distance lol

      • +4

        Bold of you to assume I have friends

    • I find the same for Portal 2, just happy when I think about it.

      I like the history part of Portal 2 & humour, just a great overall game.

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    I must be the only person alive to have never played Portal 2..

    • +3

      Count me in too..nvr got chance..but now i will

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        Same here

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          Reporting all of you for gamer crimes

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            @Aequitas: No, no please don't! I still pre-order all my EA and Ubisoft games on time!

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      Please get this. One of the greatest games ever made

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    Great price! This is a triumph, I'm making a note here, huge success!

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    Thanks OP, if you own Portal 1, the bundle is $2.17!

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    funny enough I started playing it yesterday without knowing about the deal

    I prefer clean aesthetics of portal 1 so far, but it's a great game regardless

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    One of the funniest games ever, possibly THE funniest.

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      I listen to the combustible lemons monologue a lot more than I should.

  • That took me longer than I am happy about to realise that there isn't a Portal 2A…

  • what's the different between portal 1 and portal 2? should I get the bundle or just portal 2?

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      Both, Portal 2 is a continuation of Portal story and introduces new puzzle elememts not included in Portal.

    • They're different games with different stories and puzzles.
      If you haven't played either, you should probably get both, Portal 1 holds up well.

    • Portal 1 was much shorter, but still pretty good. Definitely worth it at this price.

      • have you beaten all the challenges? haha

    • you can play co-op in portal 2

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    my cup of coffee costs $1

    • -1

      that's not coffee.

      It's cancer in a cup.

      • +2


  • +1

    a cup of coffee is $18 in marrickville these days. and $30 for smashed avo and toast, so you can buy this for your whole soccer team and still have change.

    • $18 for a cup of coffee, bloody hell you better be pissing gold afterwards for that cost.

      • I'm sure this post is in jest, but it bloody feeld like it sometimes.

        out & about, and feel like calling through mcCafe drive through for some caffeine because it;s easy and quick, 4 coffees, $25 later… wait what?

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    I just bought the Portal and Portal 2 bundle for $21 a few days ago :(

    • I guess no price protection from Steam? I loved Portal 1, haven't played Portal 2, so bundle of both for $4.34 is a cracking deal. Even at your price, that's still a lot of great gameplay time

      • I just googled, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase and less than 2 hours of playtime. But it takes up to 7 days to process and this sale ends on the 3rd so if I request it now I may not make the sale. However, I've never played either Portal so yes should be a great experience anyway, $4.34 is ridiculous value though.

        • +3

          You may be able to buy it as a gift to get the key and then use it after the refund.

        • No harm in trying at least. If succesful, you get some money/Steam credit back.

  • Thanks! Been wanting to try this Portal VR mod

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    If you already have Portal in your Steam, buying the bundle will give you Portal 2 for $2.17 as Steam discounts 25$ off since you've already owned Portal 1.

  • +2

    get 2 play with a friend

    the coop is hilarious


    • The cake is a lie

  • I had my first playthrough many years ago. Now my 8-year old son is enjoying it.

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    almost bought it for Mac, but it isn't compatible with Catalina as its a 32 bit app

    • I did buy it for MacOS. But it won't start, it says that it's not compatible with MacOS 10.15.

      • yeah, exactly

  • Played both, loved them. I wish this was ported to PS, I would play the shit out of it again.

    • i think it is on PS3.
      The Orange Box?

      • Sorry, I should have said PS4.
        Edit: And it's not on PS Now :(

      • Yes. Still pretry easy to get on eBay

  • Never played this before, but just bought the bundle based on the recommendations in these comments, thanks OP.

  • Great price. One of my favorite games of all time, wish my replica portal gun only cost $2.90 ;)

  • Oh snap wanted to play/introduce this to a friend who is a Mac user … so no point I guess. (no I'm not going to try and get them to bootcamp just for this.)

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    You're better off getting the Portal 1 & 2 bundle on Steam for $4.34: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/234/Portal_Bundle/

  • half life 1 and 2 are also $2.90. havent played them but ive heard a lot of good things about those games as well

  • been waiting for Portal 2 to go on sale for aaaaages!! Thanks OP!

  • Wish I didn't already own it so I could buy it at this price.

  • Haha I got both for 1.42 USD
    My account is set to Delaware US

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