PC for Sim Racing

Hey all,

I've been out of the PC gaming loop coming up on two decades now but looking to get back into SimRacing.
Looking for a system that will run on a single monitor at 1080p possibly 4k, nothing crazy, and want to run iRacing, ACC and Project Racing games.

Potentially looking at VR later down the track but not a must-have.

Budget ideally would be sub $1000.

Is it even possible?


  • You won’t be running VR or 4K for $1000. Minimum GPU for VR is GTX1070.
    If you don’t include monitor, mouse keyboard and wheel/pedals then $1000 is plenty to run iRacing at 1080p.
    Take a look at 3100/3300 ryzen cpu. Probably a 1660 Super. Make sure you get minimum 16gb ram and an ssd.

    • should have specified - this is purely for the PC. Monitor and accessories are extra.
      VR or 4k, for now, isn't a priority - what kind of difference is between the two builds?

      • This is a computer I built for a mate during the amazon prime day sales. $1250 and would run 4K with some features turned off on iRacing. I know because I have the same and run 4K but only at 60fps. For your $1k budget you’ll need to downgrade the cpu, ssd, GPU, as a result no 4K. To run VR you need to add $200 or the gtx2060 might go on sale now that the new generation is out.

        CPU Ryzen 3600 $279.00
        GPU 1660 super $359.00
        Power 550 bronze $84.00
        Ram 2x (2x16gb) $137.00
        Mobo MSI B450-A PRO $149.00
        Case $107.00
        Storage 1tb crucial ssd $134.00

        • Awesome!
          So if i theortically saved a bit longer and put in $1500 budget I would get a much better system and potentially more future proof?
          Use the case to upgrade the GPU and CPU?

          • @Truesupermario: If you want to run other programs eg cad, video editing, streaming, don’t downgrade the cpu from the 3600.
            Nobody knows how demanding VR will be in the future so I can’t recommend future proofing.
            What I can recommend is the Ferrari GT3 on iRacing.

            • @Srdjan52: That is also good to know re: CPU - do some photo editing, photoshop and basic CAD work.
              Also re the future proofing. I guess if i can save up for a better GPU the whole thing will just last longer with some minor upgrades along the way i guess.

          • @Truesupermario: See if you can humbug an old GPU from a mate for now while you save up for a real GPU. The old GPU might not run iRacing, but it'll let you use the PC for now. Ryzen doesn't have integrated graphics iirc.

  • iRacing, ACC and Project Racing games. Are you wishing to play these competitively or just for fun. Do you need to use licensed cars that look good but have no real physics or force feedback. Like in other words do you want something that will hang on like a train on rails in wet at 1 zillion miles and hr no matter what ? LOL

    I play "live for speed" best physics anywhere, does not have up to date real cars but some older previous licensed ones works for me and way cheaper than all the rest runs on a normal mid tier PC well, best online and multiplayer servers that are coded right and don't screw up

    • Will check it out also… to date I've only had a play around on iRacing and rFactor which is probably going to be my main two.

      Funnily enough i sed rFactor both at Mercedes AMG center and the Williams F1 Factory in the UK while i was living over there. Both are used by the teams as their real world sim programs.

      But yes i concede that it seems unless you fork out for the mods you get a potentially vanilla. Thanks for the tip.